do we need anti virus?

  The GnoMe 13:29 13 Jan 2004

Just something a friend of mine said in work the other day, he has been using computers for years and he said that he has never used anti virus and cant understand why anyone uses antivirus or a firewall He says that if you are going to get a virus you will get it anyway with or without anti virus.

Is this true and what are everyones views?

  DieSse 13:35 13 Jan 2004

What he says is total rubbish, and worse, irresponsible. There are discussions about the worth of Firewalls (I see them as helpful, even if not perfect) - but NOT AV.

  Ben Avery 13:37 13 Jan 2004

is like saying you don't need seatbelts - sure you may be able to OPERATE without them, for so long anyway, but eventually you pay the price...


  spikeychris 13:44 13 Jan 2004

"do we need anti virus" no one in their right mind will say no! It's not just the net, its any form of media.

  terminus 13:49 13 Jan 2004

The first rule of working in a lunatic asylum is.

#Don't get to friendly with the imates! ;-))

  Jester2K 13:49 13 Jan 2004

Also not everyone without AV knows they have a virus and are repeatedly and unwittingly spreading that virus on to others. Without AV they would just carry on.....

Your friend is both ignorant and foolish on this matter.

  MichelleC 13:50 13 Jan 2004

Well, I've got a hardware firewall, I run avg and Script Sentry (which warns when anything's written to registry) and a Kerio firewall. Just went to do my weekly av scan at Housecall and the trojan Istbar.AM was making it's little home in my system.32 folder. Naughty little blighter. It's not a happy bug as avg is now exterminating it. How did it pass all my security?

  DieSse 13:56 13 Jan 2004

"How did it pass all my security?"

Not all security is up to the mark - as you've just had demonstrated to you.

And false positives (ie finding a virus when there isn't one) is not as uncommon as all that.

  steven_frost 14:28 13 Jan 2004

your friend is mad everone needs a good AV now days i use norton never had a problem with it

  MichelleC 15:09 13 Jan 2004

AVG came up with nothing, so it's probably a false positive.. or a negative positive, which is positively negative, or rather a positive outcome. Thanks.

  woodchip 15:21 13 Jan 2004

For me living in a world like we do and not taking sensible security precautions is idiotic

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