Do US CD-ROM's work in UK?

  sarahg123 17:03 13 Mar 2010

My children have just been given 2 computer games on CD ROM by some american friends and I cannot play them on my computer despite the system requirements being the same. Can anybody

  tullie 19:13 13 Mar 2010

What happens when you insert them?

  mooly 08:42 14 Mar 2010

I googled this to see if games on CD ROM are region coded.
A bit inconclusive... seems as though some may be.

  bremner 09:57 14 Mar 2010

I have not come across any PC Software on CD or DVD that is region coded.

I have quite a few programs I have bought in the US.

It is different for Wii and PS3 software they are regional.

What are the games you have and are they copies or originals.

  sarahg123 20:13 14 Mar 2010

They have (rather embarrassingly!) Doggie Day care and Zoo Keeper, both say they are Vista compatible and I have enough memory etc for the system requirements, but when i insert the disc they make a loud whirring noise for ages and do nothing.

  tullie 20:34 14 Mar 2010

Can you open the disc contents and install from there?

  OTT_B 20:35 14 Mar 2010

Have you tried accessing the content of the disc from My Computer (or Computer ins Vista)?

Also, what happens if you try and install other software from the CD/DVD drive?

  sarahg123 08:47 15 Mar 2010

I have tried accessing via my computer, but nothing comes up and I just get this loud whirring noise after a few moments, as if the disc is trying to read, but whizzing round really fast!

  bremner 09:13 15 Mar 2010

You either have a defective drive or defective disc.

Do other discs work?

  sarahg123 09:19 15 Mar 2010

Yes other discs work - it seems strange that both discs would be defective - they were both brand new in sealed packs.

  gengiscant 10:28 15 Mar 2010

A daft question I know,are you trying to read a dvd in a cd optical drive?

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