Do too many files slow pc down

  hargranules 19:10 18 Jun 2006

Hi, can having too many files on your pc slow your pc down.
for example: not emptying recycle bin, having alot of photos on pc or installing anquet maps which takes up aload of memory.

Have long running argiment with someone they say having too many programs installed slows pc but amount of files makes no difference???????

  Jimmy14 19:17 18 Jun 2006

What is the spec of the computer you are talking about that is supposed to be slowed right down because of files and so on?

  hargranules 19:18 18 Jun 2006

MY pc if fine just a query, i think having too many files on will slow it down, my other half says it won't????

  Belatucadrus 19:22 18 Jun 2006

"can having too many files on your pc slow your pc down"
Sort of if you fill the hard drive with junk, the PC will have to search through more to find what it wants. A myriad small files is likely to have more affect than a few big ones. Not sure that it'd make a notable difference until you'd filled the bulk of the drive though. Regular defragging is a good idea at this point.
"having too many programs installed slows pc but amount of files makes no difference?"
Again sort of, having many programs running in the background will load the CPU and hog RAM, thus slowing things down. So checking MSCONFIG to see what's loaded at startup and killing all unnecessary boot loaders is a good idea.
Remember that most programs don't load at startup and as such are passive lumps of code doing nothing beyond fill disk space until you run them. So effectively are no different to the other files.

  ade.h 19:24 18 Jun 2006

It will slow disk access, of course, which has just a slight effect on overall performance. It would be a bit more noticeable if you defragment regularly as Windows seems incapable of putting program files back in their original positions, which can slow disk access further and cancel out any benefit of defragging. If you have a partition crammed full of pictures/music/etc, but you do anything to never cause it to fragment significantly, then I doubt if it would see any noticeable slowdown.

  ade.h 19:25 18 Jun 2006

"...but you do anything to never cause..." should read: ...but you never do anything to cause...

  c0re 20:07 18 Jun 2006

Yes of course it does...

If you have hard disk that has lots on it then Access Times will increase... this is especially visible with Laptops with lower RPM access times.

Large IDE drives also suffer from this and any drive bigger than 80 - 120gb should be SATA.

I would reccomend a clean out of your storage folders and remove old programs. Then carry out a defrag.



  gudgulf 20:25 18 Jun 2006

Providing you leave enough space on the hard drive for the normal functioning of the Page File,Defragmenter and all normal Windows functions ......say nore more than 80% used you will notice no difference in real terms between that and only having a few files on the disc.

Technically it will be slightly slower because the seek time for files at the end of the disc is slower than the seek time for those at the biggining.

But since we are only talking of a few milliseconds slower you wont detect the difference.

Same thing goes for programs,,,,if you have enough RAM memory for Windows,all your startup programs and currently loaded background programs you wont see any difference in pc performance no matter how many programs you have on the pc.Providing the pc is well set up and not deficient in RAM and is using a fast ATHLON, multithreaded P4 or dual core cpu you should not see a noticable slowdown no matter how many programs you have......obviously if you have more than one program actually running and in use at once it WILL slow you down.Try running all you av/antimalware scanners simultaneousley whilst streaming some music off the web...and then try and type a letter in Word for example.

I think that the argument that simply having a lot of programs installed and files on your pc will noticably slow it down has plenty in it's favour for pcs of 7 or more years ago but modern machines with fast hard drives and superfast cpus are much less affected.

I've benchmarked my own pc on a fresh install and with it's current compliment of programs and files,with all backround processes allowed to run and with as many as possible shut down,with just me logged on and with up to three seperate people logged real difference in the results.I must confess it was only gaming benchmarks though.

My pc.......P4 3.2GHz socket 478 cpu/2 GB RAM/2x SATA hard drives with a total capacity of 385GB (254 GB used!). There are 4 user logons and more than 120 full games,not to mention countless other programs.A full in depth scan with Avast antivirus racks up just under 1.5 million files!

  woodchip 20:30 18 Jun 2006

It can if you are running 98 and too many folders in Program files Folder. What slows you comp down is every program loaded consumes memory, also boot programs need to be basic to run fast

  hargranules 11:10 19 Jun 2006

Thanks for all your answers

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