Do Registry Cleaners Work?

  Snrub 15:46 25 Jan 2010

or are they a con? Using different registry cleaners they come up with a few hundred problems and when repaired they still show a few hundred problems. What's going on? So called free trials on speed test sites offer a scan then ask for payment to proceed.
Is this whole industry a scam!

  provider 2 15:57 25 Jan 2010

Yes, some of them do work, but then some are a rip-off ... so what`s new?

The reg cleaner in Ccleaner is perfectly adequate and safer than most.

Might be an idea to install Web of Trust (WOT)click here and check the rating before you visit any reg cleaner review sites. They are notoriously dodgy places to be.

  GaT7 16:00 25 Jan 2010

If you ask me they are all a scam (except the free ones of course!).

NO registry cleaner is perfect, & they must be used with caution. One may not notice the effects of some changes they make until a few weeks/months later.

If you feel your system is slowing down or behaving erratically, don't be tempted to reach for a quick-fix, like a registry cleaner. Instead do a repair-install & clean-up your system - reduce clutter, delete temp files, older System Restore files, etc. Or, even better, do a fresh OS installation, but remember to backup prior to doing it. G

  mooly 17:57 25 Jan 2010

If you are running Vista or W7 the registry is less of an issue than it was with xp

My advice... leave well alone... and I have noted no slowdown or problems with Vista over the weeks since I did a clean install. Just use Windows tools for all disk maintenance, and address any issue that may crop up individually.

I used CC before, and I did have one or two odd problems, not that I'm blaming registry cleaning but you just don't know.

  Woolwell 18:04 25 Jan 2010

Like mooly I haven't had a slowdown using Vista. I do regularly clear junk though eg temp internet files, files I know longer use, uninstall programs that I will never use again (Revo uninstaller is worth mentioning). I don't load my system with lots of freebies off discs, demo games, intro this and that. I put on what I know I want and works.

  Woolwell 18:04 25 Jan 2010

Should have added I don't use a reg cleaner.

I use one or two messed up pc had to reinstall windows 7..

they say they fix errors well they made the errors.

I did a scan with one other day infact it was ccleaner and i could not install any software said no access to registry.

Even restore in these programs dont work.

Stay away from there i say.

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