Do recovery disks work if you change the HDD

  [DELETED] 17:59 15 Nov 2003

Hi Folks,

Does anybody know if a recovery disk still works if you have to change the HDD. Or will i have to conatct the manufacturer of the computer.

Any information would be appriciated.


  [DELETED] 18:03 15 Nov 2003

Tell us what you are trying to do. There may be an easier way. Give us some info, like what computer, what operating system how much memory etc....

  hugh-265156 18:08 15 Nov 2003

the recovery disk(if its a floppy)will read from a hidden partition on the hard drive that contains your full operating system.

so no,it wont work on another drive.unless

you "tattoo" your new drive to enable you to use this.your manufacturer will help you here.

  [DELETED] 18:09 15 Nov 2003

Hi pj123,

The computer is Packard Bell Club 60, 64Mb, Windows 98 SE, DVD-Rom,6.4Gb Hard Drive. The Problem is the 6.4GB hard drive gave up the ghost the computer belongs to a friend and all the software he has got is on a recovery disk. And i was just wondering if the recovery disk will still work with an new hard drive installed it the computer or not.


  [DELETED] 18:10 15 Nov 2003

Hi Huggyg71

The recovery disk set comprises on a floppy disk and a Master CD.


  hugh-265156 18:10 15 Nov 2003

you may be able to use acronis true image or powerquest drive image to copy over the entire contents of the old drive to the new one.

but there again i cant say for sure that this will then work with the recovery floppy.

  hugh-265156 18:14 15 Nov 2003

master cds? then your good to go.

copy the drive with drive image or acronis to the new drive and your laughing.

alternativly format and do a fresh install on it.

it will work ok.

i have a packard bell and master cds myself.this works ok.

  hugh-265156 18:16 15 Nov 2003


what model is it?

my master discs set is comprised of 1x red floppy and 3x cds

  [DELETED] 18:16 15 Nov 2003

Thanks all, for all you replies.


  [DELETED] 18:18 15 Nov 2003

The Model Packard Bell Club 60, the disk set comprises the same set of disks you mention.


  hugh-265156 18:22 15 Nov 2003

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