Do not understand what I need to do

  davecartman 08:33 13 Apr 2017

Hi I recently changed my Email from Orange to gmail as Orange is ceasing. I use Google Chrome and have noticed a small symbol has appeared in the the small box, very top right of screen which has my first name in. When I click on this a message says ' sync is not working ' and asks me to sign in again. I do not know what sync is and when I click sign in and put in my google password a message appears saying I cannot sign in with my gmail address and to use my old Email address but this is the address that appears at the sign in page. I am going round and round trying to find out what I am supposed to do and why. Apologies if this is a stupidly simple question but I cannot figure it out.

  LastChip 11:48 13 Apr 2017

sync is the ability to synchronise your computer and mobile phone into the cloud.

You may wish to use it, or not. Note the advice about a low internal storage phone. Images and particularly videos can clog space in no time flat.

There is some advice here on how to get the sync working should you wish to do so.

  davecartman 13:12 13 Apr 2017

Thanks LastChip for the info' it seems to be something I do not need as I don't have a mobile phone. Can't understand why I seem to have activated it at some time but now know it's something I don't have to worry about.

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