do netbooks generally have disk drives?

  hannybear 13:42 11 Nov 2011

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:58 11 Nov 2011

In general, netbooks are best used as secondary computing devices and travel laptops. Their small size and weight are great for mobility, but netbooks' lower processing capabilities means working on them can be more difficult: opening applications on a netbook takes more patience than on more robust systems, multi-tasking can cripple your system, and processor-intensive applications like graphics editing aren't really compatible with netbooks. Netbooks' small screen sizes and less-than-full-sized keyboards may also make working on them for long periods of time less comfortable compared to working on full-sized laptops or desktop PCs.

Still, netbooks are becoming mainstream due to their long battery lives, multiple connectivity options (wireless-n and, often, mobile broadband), and great portability.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:00 11 Nov 2011

Also no DVD drives or card readers etc. unless you buy an external one and then your cutting down the potabily advantage of a metbook over a laptop.

  Nontek 14:01 11 Nov 2011

Do netbooks generally have disk drive???

Generally No,no disc drives.

However, USB slim-line disk drives are available.

  hannybear 15:06 11 Nov 2011

im buying my parents one for christmaas, they just generally surf the net and play solitare, write the odd letter or two.

im gathering information on what i should be looking for. but thats great thanks both of u.

if means if they do want one in future they can get one.


  Peter 18:10 11 Nov 2011


Most of the netbooks I have seen, or have read reviews on, are fitted with a hard drive, usually around 160GB to 250GB. Some models may have SSDs, but these would usually be low on capacity and rather expensive.

I've seen models with a 250GB hard drive, 1GB RAM and Windows 7 Started Edition, from Asus I think, available for just under £200 on the DABs website.

Netbooks do have limitations, but they are very portable and good for web surfing and email. I run MS office 2007 on mine.


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