Do microfilters protect against lightening strikes

  keewaa 11:27 15 Mar 2006

Do microfilters protect against lightening strikes coming down the phone line ... will the circuitry blow and protect the adsl modem/router and PC ?

  Danoh 11:35 15 Mar 2006

Everything will melt but will still conduct and pass the surge straight through.
Most surge protectors have in/out sockets for phone cables for that purpose.

  keewaa 12:36 15 Mar 2006

Thanks Danoh. I've looked at the Belkin site and there's no mention that any telephone cables are included. Is this another stupid case of 'lack of appropriate cables' (like printers never contain a usb cable!).

I think only one extra telephone cable is needed (BT jack to BT jack?) . I'm also wondering if the extra connection will deteriorate an adsl signal ?

  Danoh 13:16 15 Mar 2006

I can't remember if both my Belkin 8-gang and 6-gang Surgemasters came with a cable with standard BT jack or just one did. I do seem to end up with a few spare phone cables though (I'm on cable BB... ).

The voltage and amperage of ADSL signals are small so it is unlikely that the extra connections will deteriorate the signal. Besides, it’s a digital signal ~ it either works or it does not ~ no fading or effects of weaker signals as for analogue.

  spuds 14:36 15 Mar 2006

Lightning strikes are very unpredictable. Surge protectors will only protect against voltage peaks, and microfilters will provide no protection at all. If you get a direct lightning strike, then the electric fuses and mains are the usual thing to blow. Kettles,TV's,Computers and whatever you have plugged in follow.

Last year near to my location, two young lads were playing weekend football for a local team, when they were struck by lightning. The very sad result of the sudden act of nature, one young lad survived, the other young lad died.

  ade.h 18:12 15 Mar 2006

I can't speak for the surge protectors but the Uninterruptable Power Supplies have cables included. Belkin habitually includes cables with its products. I consider a UPS to be an essential investment for any desktop PC and would always favour that over a surge protector, whose function is provided by a UPS anyway.

  ade.h 18:14 15 Mar 2006

And re: ADSL signal deterioration over long cables and multiple connectors, I haven't noticed any issue with that at all, even as far as my office.

  keewaa 23:48 15 Mar 2006

Thanks all.

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