Do I still need my McAfee firewall

  VoG II 19:17 17 Jan 2004

Evening all!

I recently installed a Belkin 54g wireless router to enable daughter's new laptop (via Belkin PCMCIA card) to access the internet through my desktop machine's Blueyonder cable modem. The router has a firewall.

I have McAfee Firewall Plus installed on my desktop machine and normally I just let it get on with things. Tonight I was about to respond to another thread and was going to post how many thousand "hits" it had received since I last looked (some weeks ago). Three since installing the router just over a week ago. Hmm.

The laptop has Norton Internet Security installed (my excuse is that there was an offer at PCW and, actually, it has been painless - so far!). Not a single firewall warning/ alert to my knowledge - if there had been I'm sure I'd have heard the familiar cry "Dad, my 'puter ...".

So do you think I can safely dispense with McAfee firewall when my subscription expires? Similarly with Norton in about a year's time and just install a free AV on the laptop.

No hurry for response - McAfee subscription is due for renewal in July.

  woodchip 19:22 17 Jan 2004

If I was you I would leave it, unless it causes problems as you are on a network

  Big Elf 19:22 17 Jan 2004

You've probably spotted that I have limited i.e. non existent knowledge on the subject so this is just a guess.

Others have posted that software firewalls tend to 'overreact' to the simplest things. Maybe the hardware solutions are more honest?

  spikeychris 19:23 17 Jan 2004

The wireless router should be a good enough firewall on it's own. You could still go for the extras though if you want but you don't need them.


  Jester2K 19:23 17 Jan 2004

Are you worried about "Messenger Service Port Attacks"?? ;-)

  woodchip 19:24 17 Jan 2004

Change over to free ones ZoneAlarm and AVG

  powerless 19:29 17 Jan 2004

Vogster, computers will see your Router and not what is connected to it*.

i.e. Blaster worm, cannot RPC the router.

Me = No firewall.

*I think spikey said that?

  VoG II 20:48 17 Jan 2004

Thanks all, you've confirmed my opinion.

Jester2K - yes, trembling (and ROFLMFAO).

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