Do I really need a swap file with 1gb of RAM

  belt_and_braces 13:34 30 Dec 2005

m/b NF7S; XP3200; 1GB [two units] DDR400 ram operating as Dual ddr 800mhz; two ata133 40Gig maxtor HDDs; xp home SP2 all updates applied:
Do i really need a paging/swap file? system suggests, as usual, 1.5x ram. 1536mb swap file???

Do i really need ANY swap file? i am advanced/intermediate level knowledge.

  Big Elf 13:39 30 Dec 2005

I also have 1GB RAM and haven't had a paging file for over a year. Done a lot of video rendering and photo manipulation in that time and not had any problems yet.

  Chegs ®™ 13:48 30 Dec 2005

Me to,1Gb DDR and have never had a PF.I to run video rendering,games and a multitude of other progs without trouble.I used to have an app that measured peak PF usage,I ran it for weeks and the most my PF was used was 50Mbs,so disabled it.I think it should be possible during XP install to specify PF preferences,it is with linux.

  medicine hat 13:53 30 Dec 2005

So if you don't disable it, does it affect the system speed in any way?

  belt_and_braces 14:02 30 Dec 2005

here's the rub:
with a swap file there's always the possibility that windows will try to use the swap to disk even if the ram isn't full and i believe that [from my old IBM VM370 days etc...] is a bad overhead?

with no paging we are using bus/ram speed for memory but also we still need any new programme/data pages from the disk so we still have disk response delay?

the only other issue is when we actually run out of RAM. the highest use i have ever seen on task manager is around 700mb but that wasn't peak; once in the last 4 weeks i got "windows is short of virual memory" but nothing bad actually happenned.
MS always recommend a swap file.
Any MS swap file experts out there?

  belt_and_braces 14:18 30 Dec 2005


  Chegs ®™ 14:18 30 Dec 2005
  DieSse 15:57 30 Dec 2005


Truly excellent write ups (particularly the first) of why you should have a page file, and why you should let Windows (XP) manage it for you (for the vast majority of home users). Bookmarked.

  woodchip 16:01 30 Dec 2005

not really, try it with 100mb

  woodchip 16:02 30 Dec 2005

both uper and lower limit should be same

  DieSse 16:13 30 Dec 2005


Did you read Chegs ®™ links? It explains it much better than I ever could.

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