Do I really need FTP software?

  Simsy 10:38 08 Jul 2003

Hi folks,

I haven't yet got a site together for publishing, but I think I may do so soon as a way of making some pics available to family members around the globe....

The only question I have at the moment is, as per the title of the thread, do I really need to install FTP software?

MY isp is BTinternet, dial up, and I'm using Win98se. I have the "Web Publishing Wizard" available via my Start Menu. Will this not do everything neccessary to get my files unto my page/site?



  Sir Radfordin 10:54 08 Jul 2003

Having never used Web Publishing Wizard can't comment on how good it is. However, FTP software is very easy to use and nearly everyone who does any web design will at some point make use of it. You can do it in MSDOS if you want but its not very enjoyable.

WBW may be fine for getting files up to your site but don't know how it would be if you ever need to delete files from a site.

  Simsy 12:50 08 Jul 2003

Does anyone else have a more definitive answer? I'm not looking for advice on how good/easy it is, just whether getting files onto a site can be done with just the "Web Publishing Wizard"?

Sir Radfordin does raise an intersting issue though.... Can it be used to remove/delete pages images?

Thanks again in advance,



  Patr100 16:30 08 Jul 2003

You don't need a dedicated FTP program do upload to your site as you can actually use recent versions of Internet Explorer to view and access your webspace. Not as sphisticated as an FTP program but will do the job without any thrills or frills.
For example if you were uploading to a free Tripod site you would type in the address bar of IE the following:

[email protected]/" title="ftp://username:[email protected]/" TARGET="_new">click here

Where username, is of course your username and your password to access the space.

You then get an exploere type interface and you can drag and drop files etc

I have found Wizard type publishing to be fussy and you have to keep going back steps if you have a problem.

  Patr100 16:31 08 Jul 2003

sphisticated = sophisticated even!

  Patr100 16:34 08 Jul 2003

That didn't quite come out right due to this sites autoformatting.

It should be

ftp;// username:password @ftp. tripod. com

without the spaces I've added.

  Patr100 17:13 08 Jul 2003

Or even ftp://
not ftp;//

colon not semi colon

  AshW 17:18 08 Jul 2003

Dedicated FTP programs make it much easier, and have other useful additons...I use Prishtina, and it's just a right click to add directories, delete files, and everything else - even CHMODDING!

  Simsy 20:00 08 Jul 2003

and especially Patr100 for your patience there!

Just to be clear... I'm not scared of using an ftp programme, it's just that I like to keep my PC free of any software that I don't actually NEED!

I don't anticipate my website, (if I get round to it!) will contain anything other than what I have suggested, so I dont see a need for anything fancy. My knowledge of HTML is sufficient for me to create the pages.

I infer from what Patr100 has said, (that IE will suffice), that the Web Publishing Wizard will cope with what I need.

Thnks for your input. I'll leave the thread open for a short while to invite any other comments.


Simsy 23:22 08 Jul 2003

always used what is supplied by the design program I am using, normally just a button to 'upload site'. As far as deleting files go just publish changed assets only, after deleting them from the page. I suppose it depends on the software you are actually using (I normally use NetObjects Fusion), but they should all have this facility. (I think).

Cheers, Whiz...

  Simsy 11:24 13 Jul 2003

using just the "Web Publishing Wizard".... without success.

As I got further into things I realised that it does say on the BT site that an ftp prog will be needed.

So something else I'll need to learn then!

Thanks for all the input.



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