Do i need a Windows Page File/Virtual Memory?

  Major Disaster 12:31 03 Jan 2006


For christmas i was lucky enough to get a new computer (a Dell Dimension 9150)that was fitted with 2GB of RAM (2 x 1024 MB).

I was wondering (after rembering a discussion about Windows virtual page file a while ago) do i need one any more?

What are the benefits/disadvantages of one?

Currently it is set as
Minimum 2046 MB
Maximum 4092 MB

Thanks for the advice

  Chegs ®™ 12:41 03 Jan 2006
  DieSse 12:42 03 Jan 2006

Yes you need one - let Windows handle it for you. Chegs links explain it comprehensively.

  gudgulf 13:06 03 Jan 2006

This topic causes loads of debate.....and many people DO run without a page file........but I'm not one of them!

Windows is designed to run with a page file,and so are many programs so best to keep it active.

you could fix the size at 2GB....32bit Windows can only address a total of 4GB memory so I don't think you need more than that.

click here for some more reading on the subject.

For the record I too have 2GB RAM and my page file is set as follows.....100MB on the "C" drive with Windows and a further 2GB on a seperate hard drive.

I'd also like to point out that I've kept an eye on my total peak memory usage recently and the most I have seen is when playing Quake4 at ultra high settings whilst having a number of other programs running in the background......highest value is 2.3GB!!!!!

  Major Disaster 13:10 03 Jan 2006

Does it make any differce that

I have two hard drives (both 250 GB) in RAID Mirror so that in effect i have two page files?

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