Do I need WEP?

  TheTerminator 12:20 31 Dec 2003

I've just got a wireless Netgear adsl router up and running, and I have perfect reception anywhere in the house. Now do I need to put on a WEP code on this, so that no-one else next door etc can access the internet, and if so, how do I go about setting it up and also choosing a password?
If anyone has done this before and can offer any advice, I would be grateful.

  Al94 12:29 31 Dec 2003

No in my opinion you don't need WEP for a home network, it is likely to slow down your connections. Instead (I have a netgear DG824m) do to wireless settings, access points, check the trusted PC's box and then follow the instructions to enter the MAC addresses of the PC's connected wirelessly to your network. This will ensure no other wireless cevice can connect.

  Al94 12:35 31 Dec 2003

do should be go and cevices is obviously devices. Anyone know where to get a PC that can spell??!!!

  TheTerminator 12:42 31 Dec 2003

where do i find wireless settings?
is it under the control panel? I am running Win XP

  Al94 14:39 31 Dec 2003

If your kit is the same as mine, you have a web based set up. Check your instructions (probably on the CD) In IE, navigate to 192.168.01 putting in the usual http:// first, this should take you to settings after putting in your username and password (default is "admin" and "password" from memory. Your instructions should tell you how to do this.

  TheTerminator 14:45 31 Dec 2003

you have resolved this one

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