do I need to spend 99p on ebay???

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 12:37 30 Nov 2005

Hello all

Don't want to spend 99p on eBay for 2000 web templates on an Ebook. Can I cut/paste my information into different (free) online templates? Or am I nieive(?) Is it something you inevitably have to pay for.

I know more or less how I want my site to look and I do have netscape communicator. Is it worth creating my site on this or (Since I remember netscape when I was 15-16 and I'm now Is netscape a betamax, and the world has moved on or is it up there with the mini i-pod.....Cheers all

  mco 16:19 30 Nov 2005

I wouldn't bother getting 2000 templates myself. Do you mean netscape composer? I don't know it personally but if you're looking for something to redo your site why not get this month's PC Advisor and use the Serif Web 7 they're offering for free on the cover disk? It's a start.

  PurplePenny 20:51 30 Nov 2005

99p for 2000 seems cheap (but I still wouldn't buy them)! There are many web sites that offer templates for sale, with exclusive use costing hundreds.

Get yourself the PCA copy of Serif Web Plus 7 that mco mentions and I'm fairly sure that it will include templates.

Or get yourself Nvu, a free (Open Source) editor. It is based on the Mozilla Composer codebase so it may have features that you will find familiar: click here No templates though, you'd have to design your own.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 11:39 02 Dec 2005

I am redeveloping the site click here (statues of remembrance - Garden Statues) and really only have basic knowledge of Netscape composer:
Thus far I have...

*Enter Site
*What we do
*Terms & Conditions
*Contact us

Order Form
Shopping Cart

Given the personal issues dealt with in the site I think it needs to remain simple, but I do not want it to look amaturish, nor miss vital bits out. Is there a way of posting the site (or the pages of the site that I have done) so people can take a look and give me an opinion

Should I spend my (vitally short) time working with netscape, or is it better just to email a webdesigner, give them my spec and let them do the rest. And if this is the case, where is it best to start.

  Taran 13:12 02 Dec 2005

The site looks as though it may be running on a Content Management System (CMS) back end.

In fact, the source code looks very much like that produced by the excellent e107 click here and if that is the case there are several themes and styles currently available click here and click here respectively. They look good and offer a firm foundation from which to build upon.

NetScape Composer is pants unless you really know your oats as a coder, and even then it leaves a lot to be desired.

If you can supply details of the back end you are using or if you run some searches on it yourself you will find templates and layouts already available. Although I'm not suggesting you use one of them right out of the box, they can cut your design time right down by giving you all the right bits for all the right places which can be customised or entirely replaced.


  PurplePenny 13:47 02 Dec 2005

You will have to put the pages online somewhere for us to view them. Your ISP probably gives you some free web space so check on that.

Netscape Composer is (I believe) quite basic, I have no idea whether it is up to the job that you want to do. Did you look at Nvu as I suggested? As it is based on the Mozilla Composer codebase it may have features in common with Netscape Composer but it is far more powerful.

You can get free templates from Open Source Web Design: I've no idea how good they are as I've never used them but it might be worth checking out. click here

Setting up the shopping cart is another kettle of fish. There is a thread on the subject click here
which may help.

If you are willing to spend the money I think that you might be better off going to a professional web designer. The UK Web Design Association is a good place to start click here

  PurplePenny 13:51 02 Dec 2005

Blimey, Taran's post wasn't there when I started to type! That means that it took me 35 minutes to find the open source templates and the UKWDA (which I foolishly hadn't bookmarked and couldn't remember the name of). Hmm ... I'm slipping.

  PurplePenny 14:03 02 Dec 2005

It seems (from previous threads) that the CMS is being provided by the host of Paul's site (T2technologies) so could they be using e107?
(The saga so far: click here
click here )

  Taran 15:28 02 Dec 2005

It is a saga as well...

Right, I can't say without access to the site whether or not e107 is being used and in fairness that particular CMS is not the only one that uses cpage= in its linking. That said, this could well be an e107 driven site and the company involved could be providing it as part of their hosting services to clients.

One of my Linux web servers runs Fedora Core and I use cPanel with Fantastico to allow a great deal of flexibility to clients.

Fantastico basically allows the site owner to install any one of dozens of PHP/MySQL program, including e-commerce carts, CMS's, blogs, image galleries and all kinds of other things. My own control panel offers Drupal, Geeklog, Mambo Open Source, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Post-Nuke, Siteframe, TYPO3 and Xoops for content management. All you do is click the links to install the program of your choice, answer some question prompts about administrator username and password then the whole lot is installed in seconds.

A friend of mine keeps her web server with, wait for it, e107 as one of the installable scripts.

This is all well and good but what concerns me is that an open source program may, in fact, be being resold here which is kind of a no-no by anyone's standards.

I could be wrong of course - it happens once in a while ;o) - but the back end of the site is clearly CMS based (apologies for not having picked that up from one of the earlier threads) and certainly shares some common naming conventions with open source scripts. Call me a cynic but I have some very real suspicions here.

  Taran 15:31 02 Dec 2005

Nothing in the above alters the fact that you can change the site template readily enough assuming you have FTP access to the site root and also assuming you can pin down which CMS is being used.

I'm not convinced this is an in-house produced CMS at all.

Perhaps the file and folder structure of the site root could be posted here. I could tell you straight off if it was an e107 CMS and details in the files themselves could help to identify the script.

Once you know if it is an Open Source script, you can get dozens of layouts and styles for most of them so the rest should be relatively easy.

I still say NetScape Composer stinks though ;o)

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 23:37 06 Dec 2005

I'm bamboozled with most of the above...BUT there is a rep from T2 Tecknologies comming on Thursday. I have told them that the site is appauling and needs serious radicalisation. He said that they may have to charge me depending on what I need...surley if the man who wanted the site put his faith in T2 to put together an APPROPRIATE site,they have a responsability to put together what was origanally needed for free.

I figured, since the hosting ends in March 2006, it is probably worth sticking with them until then until I know what I am doing, or do folks here think I should ditch them as soon as the domain is transfered (and what proof should I require to show the domain HAS been transfered. it easy to have music playing in the background of a site?

Cheers all as usual

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