Do I need a specific Microfilter for my Belkin ADSL modem ?

  Usjes 15:27 13 Jan 2015


I have a 'ZyXEL Prestige 623R-T1 ADSL Modem/Wired Router'. I want to replace it with a 'Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router (Model F5D7632uk4)' to create a wireless network. The ZyXEL is currently working fine but when I replace it with the Belkin the ADSL link keeps dropping (many times a day) and in particular I have noticed that it is guaranteed to drop every time I make a phone call. So it seems that the ADSL connection cant deal with the voiceband phone signalling and it drops the link. The wierdest thing though is this happens only with the Belkin, the ZyXEL works fine. Can anyone explain this ? I always though the filters were to protect the phone equipment from the ADSL signals and not the other way around. To my surprise Wikipedia indicates that filter failure is a common problem and that filters should be replaced every year, while mine are >10years old! But if filter failure is the problem then why does it affect only the Belkin, I know the ZyXEL is a few years older, might it be implementing an older (more robust) revision of ADSL ? Or might it just have its own built-in protection from phone signals where the Belkin one doesn't? The other possibility is that a specific type of filter is required with the Belkin, I just re-used the ones that were supplied with the ZyXEL, the Belkin manual just says to use a 'Microfilter', it doesn't specify any particular type. So does anyone know, is it usual for ADSL modems to drop links due to unfiltered voiceband signals ? I dont want to buy a new set of filters only to find that the Belkin still doesn't work and I have to buy a new wireless router aswell.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 13 Jan 2015

As they are cheap enough then worth swapping just to try.

I've used same filter with 3 different routers without problem again 10 yrs old

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