do i need sp1(a)?

  dfghjkl 21:43 25 Jul 2003

do i need sp1 or 1a as it is known now?i already have java,i got it cos i needed it for realplayer(quality player)i have seen whats on it ,but a lot of it seems like rubbish,i like to keep my pc as lean as poss.thanks,peter.

  Djohn 22:31 25 Jul 2003

Some will download everything that's available, applies to drivers as well, soon as a new one is released, they download! And that's fine, but I look at my system and ask myself, "Is it running as near to perfection as it can be". If the answer is yes, then I don't download anything. I would only download if it was to fix a problem. Regards. j.

  dfghjkl 23:33 25 Jul 2003

sounds like sound advice to me,i like to know exactly whats on my pc,not long ago done a format and install,every thing running super quick compared to how slow mine used to be when i first got it,.p

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:36 25 Jul 2003

No, unless you are sys. ad. of a large netweork and then it would be highly debatable.


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