Do I Need A Server On My Home Network?

  Harper Boy 16:18 07 Jul 2013

I have a BT Home Hub to which I connect my desktop PC by Ethernet; I also connect (wirelessly) 3 laptops, my iPad, and a printer. I have never configured this mixture of kit as a true 'network', even Peer to Peer, as I have been put off by the apparent complexity. (I have burned my fingers in the past by trying to configure networking hardware and software that just created new problems in what was previously a working system). I do have a 2TB NAS drive attached to the BT Home Hub, but have so far only ever used it to back up files from the desktop PC.

Two separate problems here. The first is whether to take the plunge and try to get some sort of file-exchange capability going. I would like to send files from one computer to another, and to back up to the NAS from any computer. Is it useful enough to convince me to take the plunge? If it is, can anyone recommend a 'noddy's guide' that makes this obvious/foolproof? (Everything but the iPad is running Win 7).

Yes, I'm really that weedy! But a more serious question concerns the desktop. It has i3-2100, 8GB, Win 7, and 2 x 500GB Hard Drives. It's getting long in the tooth and I am considering buying a replacement, but before I give it to Oxfam I'd like an opinion on whether it would be to my advantage to re-use it somehow, to improve my network? (I've used the term 'Server' in the title but I don't claim to fully understand what that entails). Or is it overkill for such a small network (never more than 2 simultaneous users).

  onthelimit1 08:06 10 Jul 2013

It really is quite easy with W7 MS article. Not sure about adding the iPad though.

1]: [click here

  Harper Boy 08:55 10 Jul 2013

Thanks, onthelimit1, that is sooo helpful. I suppose I should have known Microsft would have produced something like this; at first glance it certainly appears to be exactly what I need.

Now to try deciding whether to send my old desktop PC to the knackers' yard . . or make it go on working for a living.

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