Do I need to scan both partitions for viruses?

  Skeletor 21:58 05 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I have my HDD partitioned into two, drive D being for images and backups (Important stuff also gets backed up to CD). While Norton Antivirus was doing its scheduled weekly scan, I noticed that it scans both partitions. Is it necessary to scan drive D if no virus is found on the 'working' partition C.


  keith-236785 22:16 05 Mar 2004

depends if you download anything or install anything to drive d:,

as a rule i would let it scan both, better safe than sorry........My anti virus scans Daily at 4am (that way i dont notice it), full scan all five partitions

Best to leave alone and let it do its job.

  GYPSY 22:27 05 Mar 2004

I would say that it is worth scanning both partitions if you load anything from disc to your partition D but if you just tranfer scanned files from C to D it would probably not be necc'. But being over cautious myself i would leave well alone as it only takes minutes and if you have sufficient ram, nav can do it's stuff in the background while you carry on doing whatever you do on your pc.

  Skeletor 22:45 05 Mar 2004

Thanks paperman27 and GYPSY

I suppose my question should have been: If no virus shows up in drive C, is it it possible for a virus to infect drive D, bearing in mind the only stuff on D are backups from C which will have been scanned prior to copying.

But as you both say, best leave well alone.

  keith-236785 14:07 08 Mar 2004

as an answer to your second question, if you download straight to drive D: then thats where the virus's (if any) will go, then when you install the program (normally to drive C: you would then also infect drive C:

as already said, let it scan both then you know you are safe.

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