Do I Need A Router

  ktheed1 12:26 16 Jul 2004

Hi there im on NTL BB, and wish to join my laptop to my pc aswell via ethernet is it possible for me to install a second network card to work with the onboard one so that i can connect the to computers together instead of me spending £40 - £120 on a router thank you, and also any ideas on how the ip's and setup should be thank you

i wish to share file and internet acces between them both

  matt1234 12:40 16 Jul 2004

you know what that is a new way of connecting something like that like ive heard as far as i know you will need a router to control all the data

  AndySD 12:47 16 Jul 2004

Yes its that simple (but the firewall on your pc will need to be set to allow it, this is sometimes a real problem.) All you need to do is add the second card to your pc connected to NTL then use a crossover cable to the laptop. Your main pc will have to be on for the laptop to access the internet.

I am on NTL and used to do this. In the end I got the router as the software firewall on the main pc caused to many hastles....but that may just have been my setup.

  martjc 12:48 16 Jul 2004

Especially to access internet. I've used Linksys routers for a while and had zero problems. Your machines can also talk to each other in this configuration: Line from BB modem - router. From each of two channels of the router to your machines. It's the only success guaranteed way of doing it.

  ktheed1 12:49 16 Jul 2004

is there any way i can use the hub and specify ip address for the computers or wont that work

  AndySD 12:51 16 Jul 2004

If the main pc is xp then have a look click here at a tutorial I did for a friend on how to share his internet in this way.

  SEASHANTY 14:33 16 Jul 2004

Use a router then you can use either machine without
having to have the other one switched on. I have used the Linksys BEFSR41 wired router for over 18 Months now on NTL 600k BB with two PC's linked to the router. Not a single problem. Its also one of the cheaper wired routers with 4 port switch. Complete set up instructions and other info here
click here

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