Do i need to re format with a new Motherboard?

  window man 18:28 03 Aug 2003

I am going to change my motherboard this week because of a fault with my present one. I was told that i dont need to re format i just need to re set the controllers?? What are these?

  tarkus 18:56 03 Aug 2003

if it is exactly the same motherboard then you could get away with not reinstalling but if it's not then you really should reinstall after backing up all your important documents and settings (easy if your using win xp)if you don't reinstall you could be in for some real problems.

  Giant68 19:18 03 Aug 2003

I agree with tarkus. I've just changed my m/b and for the sake of speed I just booted up afterward and let XP pick up the new devices and load drivers. It does work but it is very slow. Ideally a format is required, and I will get round to it this week. This will allow the o/s to pick up all the new drivers without the old ones interfering and slowing the system down.


  y_not 20:29 03 Aug 2003

but if you don't you risk all sorts of problems.

For the time & effort involved I'd re-format as a matter of course - saves time in the long run.


  goonerbill 20:30 03 Aug 2003

if ya getting the same make and model of mobo as ya present one, ya shoudn't have any problems. if its made by the same company and chipset but different model, ya may get away with it. if different make and model, best to do clean install or ya could be in for hours of fun :((

  window man 20:33 03 Aug 2003

Thanks. How do i do a re format in windows xp home?

  RossThomo 20:57 03 Aug 2003

In the past three years I have changed my motherboards about 8 times (3 PCs), only once have I had problems serious enough to demand a new windows install. Yes re-install if you have the time, but you have nothing to lose by trying without. Always backup anything important, then delete / uninstall all video and sound drivers, change your board, reboot let windows do its stuff, it may ask for the installation disk (XP seems much better than 98 at this) install the main board drivers (4 in 1 etc) then video sound etc. I hope it works for you.


  window man 21:15 03 Aug 2003

Out of interest RossThomo, Why have you changed your motherboard 8 times?

  RossThomo 21:10 05 Aug 2003

I love to mess and upgrade, especially graphics cards (Ive gotten through even more of those), I will upgrade my pc and shift components to my sons pc and his components to my daughters etc. Most of the mobos have been Gigabyte, but have also used Abit and Jetway. i tend to buy from Computer shows you can get some incredible deals. Last Sunday i picked up a new Creative Geforce4 MX 64 Meg for only £20! (this is for a pc I'm building for a guy at work). A few weeks ago I got a Geforce4 Ti4200 for only £30 and a Radeon 8500 for £38, all new but without drivers. Gigabyte GA 7VA mobos were only £47, this is a board that has the KT400 chipset and will run the Athlon 3000xp with the existing bios. So you can see upgrading is a sort of hobby.

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