Do I need this program ?

  SB23 14:46 31 Mar 2006

I am still putting programs back onto my new Hd since swapping it over.
I have noticed a program called "SiS IDE UTILITY" in my program list. When you click on it a box appears with all the drives listed. What I want to know is, do I actually need it,and what is it's purpose ?


  rawprawn 14:54 31 Mar 2006

From a quick Google it looks as though it is drivers for your chipset. Unless it is really annoying I would leave it alone

  rawprawn 14:56 31 Mar 2006
  [DELETED] 15:00 31 Mar 2006

I think it is quick acsess to the hard/cd drives so you can check there status,i remember somthing similar with my old mobo as far as i know it doesnt serve and practical use apart from this but if your not sure i would just leave it.

  SB23 15:52 31 Mar 2006

If it's not doing any harm then I'll leave it be.
Thanks for your replies.
Will tick as resolved.


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