Do I need a powered USB hub?

  stlucia 19:04 13 Nov 2008

I need to get a 4-port USB2 extension hub for my PC. Since the hardware I intend to run through it (a scanner, a printer, and an external HDD) all has its own power supplies, is it best if I get a powered hub or will a non-powered one be okay?

I understand I'm best off with a powered one if my hardware takes its power from the USB socket.

  Halmer 19:24 13 Nov 2008

don't buy one I've got a Belkin 4 port that you cna have.

If your PC is relatively new I wouldn't have thought you need one tbh.


  Covergirl 19:24 13 Nov 2008

If your devices are powered, you're unlikely to need a powered hub, but you might a well get a powered one anyway - mine (Belkin)cost me £8, 2 or 3 years ago so they're not too expensive, just the inconvenience of finding another power socket (8 under my PC !)

Poundland have unpowered hubs if you really want to cut costs . . . Their SD card adaptors work fine. Some of their items are too cheapy cheap though.

  stlucia 19:54 13 Nov 2008

Thanks for the responses, and for the offer Halmer. I'm going to get a cheap unpowered hub to save on mains cables and plugs, and see how it goes.

  LinH 20:03 13 Nov 2008


Don't waste your money buying an unpowered hub, buy a powered one instead.

Unpowered hubs can cause all sorts of device instabilities, specially if you use more than one device at the same time. And they are not that expensive. Unpowered hubs are just not worth bothering with.


  stlucia 12:07 14 Nov 2008

Oh dear! I've already ordered an unpowered one. Well, there's always eBay if it doesn't work with my setup.

  Belatucadrus 14:56 14 Nov 2008

I've got three 4 port unpowered hubs in use and have encountered no problems, as in your case all peripherals draw power from mains adapters. If this should change I'll buy a powered one, but not till then

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