Do I need a new Sound card

  saenbateman 16:55 07 Aug 2007

well i got a new pc the sound will work playing music for about quarter of hour them the sound will go all crackly then after a couple of minutes the sound will be ok again can you help
Windows Vista
1gb RAM
2.2 Duel Core AMD pro
onboard sound

  saenbateman 17:00 07 Aug 2007

I'm just putting a bit more to help anyone to help me it only seems to do it when i got a couple of programs on at once it mite be ram but it still happens sometime when there not that much going on normally when i'm playing music loud

  eedcam 22:55 07 Aug 2007

When you say the cracling stops and its ok does it stay ok . Thinking long the lines of something in the house interfering even dec phones etc., if not Cheaper to eliminate the speakers first can you borrow another pair or try head phones though if its new take it back.

  Stuartli 23:18 07 Aug 2007

Do you have low energy bulbs in use?

These cause considerable intermittent interference on FM radios in my house including an alarm clock radio, especially when they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

  saenbateman 00:18 08 Aug 2007

no i tried other speakers and it still happens and it dont happen with my laptop

  Connaught 11:39 25 Sep 2007

May I add my problem. I run Windows XP and have a Creative Platinum Sound Card (with the front panel) I have used this for a long time without fail and it is mainly used for music I compose for the keyboard where the files created on my Roland are transferred to be edited with the Nero Wave editor. Up until now I have created many CDs this way with reasonable success. Just recently severe interference/distortion/pops, crackles and so on occur and I have great difficulty in editing. It is not the file as when replayed the nolises arfise elsewhere so it is in the hardware. When the burned CDs are played they also crackle although they are fine on other players. Pre recorded CDS play OK. I have used the creative software to test the hardware but it says everything OK. I have also used different speakers. Would anyone know whether there is a component that has failed and escapes the test. I would be glad of some help. Many thanks

  Jak_1 12:07 25 Sep 2007

Have you checked the speaker connetions etc?

  Connaught 22:58 25 Sep 2007

Yes I have used different speakers and the problem persists. As I mentioned pre recorded CDS play well. I wonder if a specific component serving home made CDs is failing. Sounds in a way like static. But that would also occur with pre recordings which it doesnt.
Does that clarify?

  User-312386 23:41 25 Sep 2007

I bet you have the audio link from the cd-writer/dvd-writer attached to the motherboard

If you have this attached remove it

  Connaught 23:36 02 Oct 2007

No Madboy - nothing has been touched in the box for ages. I daressay that the various attachments could have corrupted on the computer generally. Would it be ann idea to detach everything and reinsert? Any views?

  Unkee 20:41 04 Oct 2007

Connaught - try updating your sound drivers. I have the same soundcard and had a similar problem with what sounded like static coming through the speakers and seemingly no problem with hardware. I was searching the other day on the internet for a solution. Someone suggested on another forum to upgrade drivers on the following link which has worked for me.

Whilst searching for a solution I noticed you had a similar problem. I hope this works for you too.


click here

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