Do I need a new Router?

  john bunyan 16:30 03 Oct 2014

I have a DGND 4000 Netgear router, only a year or two old. Recently it seems to experience random disconnections. A good technical guy at a local shop says a number of customers had similar, or worse, problems since a week or so ago when we had some quite bad thunderstorms, although I had no actual strike here. I do have a spike protector. My shop guy says that this may partially have worked but suspects the router is partially damaged. I will wait a bit but may buy another, similar router. If I do, should I uninstall the current one first, or can I simply unplug the old and put in the new? I find that changing routers is never easy! Is there a way of testing the current one first? I prefer to buy my own router as I am on a rolling one month contract, rather than my ISP supplying one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 03 Oct 2014

All you can do is a speed test - probably won't help with the disconnections, can you borrow a router for a while?

If you get a new one

unplug old one - plug in new one (with cable to PC) run the CD that comes with the new one and insert your username and password for your ISP when requested.

If using wireless you will need to reset and wireless devices to the new pwireless password or in the admin section -wireless settings change the router wireless password to the same as your old router.

  john bunyan 17:19 03 Oct 2014

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Thanks. My speed has dropped from about 7 -8mbps (up to 8 contract) to about 3.5 - 4 mbps. A waste of time talking to my ISP (Talk Talk) as they go through the usual questionnaire about teat sockets etc. When I last switched routers from Linksys to Netgear I thought I actually uninstalled the Linksys first. Certainly I deleted some folders. As I like Netgear I think I will get a latest one if the fault persists.

  john bunyan 17:20 03 Oct 2014

teat = test !! must have been dreaming!

  rdave13 18:04 03 Oct 2014

If I remember rightly you only need to uninstall the Netgear software if you used the CD to set up. If you set up manually then you have nothing to uninstall. Not used a Netgear for a while but can you log in and I guess it should be under advanced, somewhere, and see if they have a diagnostic tool of some sorts and possibly a history of dropouts?

  john bunyan 18:59 03 Oct 2014


I did install direct, not via Cd. In Advanced, the log shows endless DNS foiled attacks, and says, occasionally, internet disconnected but no reason. I do not trust my ISP, Talk Talk. They are difficult to contact by phone, and when you do they go on and on about wiring etc - in my case that has been constant for years. A couple of times when I have spoken to a supervisor and he has reset the exchange link, the speed has improved , so I am bot totally convinced the problem is with me. They try to get you to have one of their routers but then want an 18 months contract, which I do not want. Their on line help is hopeless as you get an endless loop on the diagnostics. The new router I was looking at is a bit expensive at £168 but my house has thick walls (Nighthawk R7000)

  rdave13 19:59 03 Oct 2014

My experience of routers is that they work or not. Some are much better but its the dropouts that puzzle me. I would be inclined to change ISP or threaten to do so. Possibly the storm has done some damage to a line or exchange box somewhere. Ask them to do a simple line check every few hours for a certain time, as you are experiencing dropouts. If you get waffle then just insist politely - if they would like to keep your custom. Had years of waffle from AOL and ADSL 24. It was PlusNet that actually found the problem I had but even that took about a month.

  john bunyan 12:15 05 Oct 2014

I have now spoken to Talk Talk. They claim the "Outside" line is OK and that the "fault" is inside my house. If I had made any changes I could partly believe them, but my home wiring has been unchanged , and it suits me to have my router upstairs ,next to my desktop, with Ethernet to it and wireless elsewhere. I had a stable 7 - 8 mbps until a week or so ago, when it dropped to about 3-4, with frequent drop outs. Browsing the web I came across a thread (part of a Which study of routers) where many folk had the same problem with Talk Talk.They will send out an engineer - £50 if the fault is the customer's, none if it is theirs - reasonable if it works but in view of the unfavourable comments I may either buy another router, or switch to Zen - the only supplier I can find with a one month contract and a UK service team. (Not too worried about a small premium in price`)

  john bunyan 16:57 05 Oct 2014

cream. Thanks; will try it.

  Ian in Northampton 17:24 05 Oct 2014

jb: if you do change ISPs (it's a known fact that Talk Talk are utter rubbish) I believe Plusnet do a monthly rolling contract, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Excellent support, UK-based.

  john bunyan 18:56 05 Oct 2014

Ian in Northampton

Thanks, Ian. I started with them many years ago when they were Pipex and my (then) major multinational used them, and they were a top dog. Downhill all the way! The only reason I have stayed is that they have solved the "spam" issue, and I have so many e mail contacts that I have been reluctant to bite the bullet to ditch them. I will look at Plus Net and Zen (Which likes them) and may get on with it at last! Maybe a coincidence (!!) but no drop outs since my telephone call to them. I live too far from main road for a cable connection.

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