Do I need a new firewall?

  Alexander P 15:49 21 Jul 2003

I've recently got an ADSL broadband connection. I have enabled the on-board firewall that comes with my XP operating system. Do I really need to install another firewall, such as the Zone Alarm one that we can download free from this web site?

  Giant68 16:32 21 Jul 2003

The simple answer is yes. XP firewall only works in one direction, inward. It will not stop any transmission out. You will be much better protected by a seperate firewall, such as ZoneAlarm, Kerio personal firewall etc...


  Tuff Guy 16:53 21 Jul 2003

Hi Alexanda, like you I have Broadband.I have tried XP's own firewall, Norton & Zone Alarm Pro. I can only speak for myself but I find Zone Alarm the best. Easy to configure & use you just need patience to get it "trained"
regards, Max

  Alexander P 16:56 21 Jul 2003

Thanks. Are there any quirks or wrinkles about Zone Alarm that I should be aware of?

  bennyc 17:02 21 Jul 2003

I only has limited updates, but apart from that its great. It detects program setting automatically, with out any bother.

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