Do I need a new Ethernet cable?

  Rhuddlan 11:42 01 Jun 2014

I have recently purchased a new pc, however, the internet keeps disconnecting, I am assuming due to a dodgy Ethernet cable?! I have an ipad and iphone so have previously not had to connect the Ethernet to anything, when I had a laptop I used that wirelessly too. However, when I connected the pc yesterday I noticed that Ethernet cable was slightly loose and every so often the connection drops from my pc. In the past I remember when plugging in the cable into a machine, you hear a clicking noise from when the "clip" gets fixed into place, however, this "clip" has since broken off, my modem is now 10 years old so wear and tear has got to the cable, is this affecting it coming loose all the time? I just want to rule out anything else first, a new Ethernet cable of course is of no problem, I'll get looking on e bay now just incase, Thanks :)

  northumbria61 12:00 01 Jun 2014

I think you may have already answered your own query. A broken clip, a loose connection - you most definitely need a new ethernet cable or your problems will continue.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:03 01 Jun 2014

agree, change the cable its the most likely cause if the clip is broken.

  The Kestrel 12:04 01 Jun 2014

If the cable does not fit securely into the socket and and moves around, it could well be the reason you keep getting dropped connections. If your other devices are connecting successfully via wifi, then it would look as if your modem is OK. An new Ethernet cable will not be very expensive so I would suggest you try a new cable first.

  Rhuddlan 14:35 01 Jun 2014

Thanks for the responses guys. I'll be sure to try out a new cable, I'll look into purchasing one this afternoon via e bay and report back. Wishing you a nice day :)

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