Do I need more RAM?

  Colin 13:33 22 Jun 2003

After playing Unreal Tournament 2003 for more than 20 minutes, if I quit the game, there is constant hard drive activity for about 5 minutes. And even after that stops, the PC is quite slow to use, with the hard drive activity light going on and off. I have a 60GB hard drive, (40GB free), and 512MB Crucial DDR RAM. I use XP Home and the swap file is set to XP default, it shows it is set to use 767MB. The game loads up very quickly and plays very well and there is no hard drive activity whist the game is being played. I usually end up rebooting the PC to get it back to normal, which is inconvenient and I would have thought unnecessary. Other games like Quake 3 do not do this. I appreciate that UT2003 is a demanding game. Would I benefit from adding another 512MB RAM? Or am I going down the wrong path?

  Colin 13:46 22 Jun 2003

Thanks for the response. I have done searches eleswhere before I came to this forum. Maybe it is just accepted that it is normal so is not mentioned? I am not particulary techie, but is it possible that the game is using my swap file and the hard drive activity is the swap file "returning" its space to the hard drive.

  powerless 13:53 22 Jun 2003

If you do not see HDD during the game then its not using the swapfile. The RAM is taking care of buisness.

  Colin 14:39 22 Jun 2003

I have the latest patch installed. I saw many posts about hard drive activity whilst playing the game, but none referring to my situation. I will register on that board and see what they say.

  Colin 16:55 23 Jun 2003

The UT2003 forum did not come up with anything. I would think that this situation is not one that is specific to this game, but could occur in other circumstances. I will continue searching elswhere to see if anyone else has this problem.

  Colin 12:51 06 Oct 2004

After putting up with this problem till now, I posted the problem on the Painkiller forum. I get the same problem with Painkiller and Doom 3.
The answer was to change the swapfile to "No Paging File" and defrag the hard drive. After that, I set the swapfile back to "System Managed Size" and when I quit any of these games, my PC runs as normal. I defrag my hard drive weekly, but did not know that the swap file could become fragmented.

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