Do I need Graphics/video card

  richierich 22:58 31 Aug 2003

Got a 1.3 celeron with 256mb ram of which 8mb is used I believe by the onboard graphics.
Would I benefit by purchasing a seperate card.
Is it simply a case of plugging it into the PCI socket and plugging the monitor into it or do I need to disable the onboard graphics, if so is it easy to do.
Would I notice any improvment in picture quality or speed, my main use is photo editing.
many thanks

  Ironman556 23:13 31 Aug 2003

Do you know what the onboard graphics are? A graphics card would handle larger files more easily, and you wouldn't need to pay a lot, you can pick up a 16/32MB ATI Rage for £20 - £30, but wether you get one or not depends on how much photo editing you do.

You would have to disable the onboard graphics, which should be done easily by changing one setting in the BIOS. Then slot the new card in and connect the monitor.

Another 128 MB system RAM will probably speed your system up a bit too for about the same price. I'm not sure which (graphics or RAM) would benefit you the most though.

  richierich 23:23 31 Aug 2003

The mainboard is a MSI MS6368, says something about an integrated trident blade 2D/3D video accelerator if that helps.
Both memory sockets are used, each with 128mb, so I would have to replace both with at least 256mb to make it worthwhile. I intend to do this too but was wondering whether I would see much benefit from a seperate video card.

  rev.bem 23:33 31 Aug 2003

You would definatley benifit from a seperate graphics card check these out

click here

I have an old Time computer as a spare it has (had)8mb Trident blade graphics on board which was disabled via device manager prior to installing a dirt cheap Nvidia 32mb graphics card the difference was noticable but not earth shattering.

  Ironman556 23:47 31 Aug 2003

Go for the new card.

click here for motherboard spec.

You don't have an AGP slot, so make sure that the graphics card you buy is PCI.

  hugh-265156 23:53 31 Aug 2003

click here for memory upgrade info for your mobo.there are five different flavors of the MSI MS6368 mobo.use click here to find out the hardware you have installed.

also have a look click here as above im not sure if its the exact model but aida32 will tell you.if it is then the maximum memory the onboard graphics can share is 8mb as you say.if you have no agp slot(as in my link)then you will need a pci graphics should see a big improvement if you update the graphics card to a buget pci one.nvidia mx440 would be good and you should be able to pick one up reasonably cheaply.256 or ram should be fine but 512 is better.

  richierich 07:57 01 Sep 2003

Thanks people, its now time to go shopping.

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