do i need a firewall?

  pookie 20:09 15 Sep 2007


windows xp home (sp2), 1.5gb ddr, 3ghz (2.17) barton, x800pro, a7n8x-x mobo, creative audigy se soundcard, creative 4.1 speakers/sub and 550 watt psu. Broadband is ticali 2Mb.

I have been using zonealarm internet security suite.

I have a wireless modem/router(D-Link). it is a 54mbps one. my desktop is connected to the D-Link modem/router wirelessly. The D-Link modem/router has a firewall, which is activated, built into it.

Zonealarm firewall has detetced no intrusions since connected to modem/router which implies that modem/router firewall works well.

A pc friend of mine says that i do not need a firewall like zonealarm as modem/router has one. Do I? Or if i do would default windows one be ok if i activated it?

I would uninstall zonealarm completely and use avg for anti virus and superantispyware for spy/malware.

Many thanks


  fishface113 20:18 15 Sep 2007

The hardware firewall in the router may be doing its job fine, but the software one in the Pc is your personal defence!
NAT firewalls are fixed and can be bypassed. Leave your pc firewall on.
I would rather "not need it and have it" than "need it and not have it".

It is up to you however.

  Technotiger 20:49 15 Sep 2007

I agree with fishface113, keep ZA, as well as your routers built-in one. Never depend on XPs firewall anyway.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:04 15 Sep 2007

I've not used one for 4 years with my BB modem. I do use AVG free, Spyware Terminator and common sense. If you feel safer use one but every infection on computers that I see is owner generated (MBS etc.) You will not get hacked on a home computer in spite of what the paranoia forums would have you believe.


  woodchip 21:06 15 Sep 2007

Software one will stop outgoings, Router will stop only incoming. I only use Router I should really use a Software one but never had a problem without. Software one can but not always block Trojan phone home software

  [email protected] 21:13 15 Sep 2007

Ive also never used one in 4 years.

  mrwoowoo 22:33 15 Sep 2007

i also use AVG free, Spyware Terminator and kerio firewall.
My firewall has on 2 seperate occasions picked up out going attempt from a trojan virus.
Although both were up to date,scans with avg and terminator showed nothing,but my firewall kept registering trojan activity.
I downloaded super anti spyware pro and rescanned with it,and lo and behold it detected and removed two trojans.
Without my firewall i would never have known they were there.
I must concede to gandalf,that i was partly to blame though,as i suspect it was an iffy download(nothing naughty),but sometimes they are a bit clever.

  woodchip 23:14 15 Sep 2007

trojan is not a viru, it's a carrier, Did you not read about Trojan horse. It was not the Horse but what was inside it. That's what was the problem

  mrwoowoo 23:28 15 Sep 2007

Yes... point taken.
The threat was still there though and un detected.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:31 16 Sep 2007

Trojans work on the basis that the user will give them permission to run although it might be given inadvertently. No firewall will stop a programme that has your permission to run which is why I see so many computers, with firewalls and AVs, that are infected by spyware/flog'n'sell programmes. I find Spyware Terminator much more reliable than a firewall.


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