do i need a firewall??

  pookie 11:30 09 Jun 2006


windows xp home (sp2), 1.5gb ddr, 3ghz (2.17) barton, x800pro, a7n8x-x mobo, creative audigy se soundcard, creative 4.1 speakers/sub and 550 watt psu. Broadband is ticali 2Mb.

I have been using zonealarm internet security suite.

I bought a wireless modem/router(D-Link)about 3 weeks ago. i use my work laptop as wireless but my desktop (which is home pc mainly for gaming) is connected to the D-Link modem/router via a cable. The D-Link modem/router has a firewall, which is activated, built into it.

Zonealarm firewall has detetced no intrusions since connected to modem/router which implies that modem/router firewall works well.

I'm thinking of ditching zonealarm internet security to use nod 32 which is anti-virus and spyware and comes highly recommended. As it has no firewall could I do without a firewall on my desktop - or even just use windows defualt firewall??

Many thanks


  terryf 11:34 09 Jun 2006

Only if your router has a hardware firewall,should you do without a firewall, the first intrusion could be your last if you pick up some really nasty virus!

  Gongoozler 11:35 09 Jun 2006

I think that the only good ZoneAlarm would now do for you is to warn you if a program on your computer is trying to access the internet, and the free version of ZoneAlarm would do that. It was thanks to an alert from ZoneAlarm that I was immediately alerted when My computer picked up a trojan.

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