Do I need to convert to NTFS?

  VCR97 19:18 17 Dec 2004

I have an external USB disc which I will use for backup of my XP Home system using Ghost. The disc is FAT32. Do I need to convert to NTFS?

  Kegger 19:38 17 Dec 2004

Keith S
only need to convert if your XP partion is NTFS, which with XP is the norm

  TomJerry 19:43 17 Dec 2004

unless you want to encrypt it, but encryption is only available in XP pro

  VCR97 20:16 17 Dec 2004

Not being clued-up on disc systems I'm not sure what you mean by "XP partition". The disc in my computer is NTFS and is just a single partition as far as I am aware. Is that what you mean?

  bretsky 00:28 18 Dec 2004

A Partition is where the o/s files are located on your hard disc, if you click on my computer you will see listings of your system drives removable or otherwise, if you have only one partition it will usually be called "C".

You can buy special software programs to create more partitions on your hard drive, in other-words divide up the hard disc into several partitions or portions and windows will automatically assign them a letter D,E,F and so on and will be referred to as drives, you can even install a different o/s on the same hard disc, eg:win98, 2000, ME or Linux Redhat etc etc and make the disc dual booting.

XP has NFTS (new technology file system)so if you intend to back up the o/s, then I would make your external drive NTFS too( Like for like)

I hope this has shed a little more light on the subject for you.

bretsky ;0)

  Rogerfredo 09:24 18 Dec 2004

Definitely change drive to NFTS, particularly for backups as FAT32 has a low max file size restriction (about 4Gb).

  bremner 09:40 18 Dec 2004

Need to - no

Better to - yes

  anchor 09:41 18 Dec 2004

I had to convert my external USB to NTFS for the reason given by OzzyOs; the file size was greater that that allowed by FAT32.

  VCR97 17:51 18 Dec 2004

Thanks for that explanation, bretsky. Thanks to all for responding. I'll convert.

  bretsky 17:57 18 Dec 2004

No problem.................

bretsky ;0)

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