Do I need to change my Wireless Router password?

  Guady 10:24 12 Oct 2010

I've just recently got a wireless router which came with a code (possibly the serial number) which I had to use to gain access. My question is: Do I need to change this, or can I just leave it as it is? I don't want anyone else to use my connection but nor do I want to risk messing things up when it's working fine! Advice please

  john bunyan 10:31 12 Oct 2010

I suspect the number is what you type in to the address bar is to enable you to set up your router. In the menu, there should be a security menu where you choose the settings for your wireless security and you create your own password. Surely there is a manual or an on line manual to help you through the process

  gengiscant 11:06 12 Oct 2010

What make/model is your router?

  robin_x 11:13 12 Oct 2010

For example, y router (Thomson 585v6) accesses to its web setup page by typing in the browser address bar.

Some options will not be available unless you connect with an ethernet cable from computer to router. ie wireless cannot config everything.

My defaults were admin/password or Administrator/<none/blank>

(case sensitive)

I changed my passwords as soon as I could (router complained for a while)
I have not been able to modify the accounts, but I think that is just a 'feature' of my router (or AOL have locked the account names)

I have seen reports of 'drive-by' access using default settings. Best to change.

  robin_x 11:19 12 Oct 2010

Oh and security WPA2 is latest recommended.

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