Do I need a better graphics card?

  otubby1 19:55 12 May 2003

Of late, I have found that my graphics and sound go a bit haywire if I either leave my computer inactive for any length of time, or - and this is not an aspersion on the forum - since I started visiting PCA.

The only graphics/memory/sound intensive game I have is Space Cadet Pinball, and if I go to it after one of the above, the sound appears to be trying to catch up with itself and is very echo y (Didn't know whether to put the y next to the o or not) and the graphics stutter to the point of the ball stopping and then re-starting.

The problems I've had of late only started when I downloaded updates from Mr Gates and I've looked for the ones that are said to cause problems and I don't appear to have them.

I'm using ME on an Athlon 1800+ with 256 DDR and a 40 GIG HD. I just need to know if it could be the updates or whether a new card would sort it out. I don't know what grahics I have as it is integral.

  graham√ 20:15 12 May 2003

Get the Belarc Advisor from click here

It will tell you what is in your comp. Sounds like something is running in the background, have you tried ctrl/alt/del to see what is running?

  otubby1 20:32 12 May 2003

Yeah, I've got 16 things running in there and I only know what 4 of them are: Explorer, my connection, systray and incd for my burner.

What the other dozen are I have no idea because I've never been into the system side of these things. If it helps I can write them down and post it.

  graham√ 20:36 12 May 2003

Look at applications, not processes.

  otubby1 20:50 12 May 2003

This is the other dozen, I think the one that start with PCC are to do with my PCCillin AV.


I don't know if they mean anything to you, but it's just gibberish to me :(

  powerless 20:54 12 May 2003

click here and cross reference.

  otubby1 21:08 12 May 2003

Once again the knight in shing armour :) I'll check that lot out when I get a bit of time tomorrow.

And thanks to you also graham. (I'd give you your full title but I don't know how to get the box and tick without doing it in Word).

  otubby1 14:33 13 May 2003

I did as you suggested and went through their database. I now know what all of the programmes are that are running, with one exception.

The file name is: Softmngr.

If they don't have it on their files, do you know anybody else who may know?

  otubby1 14:35 13 May 2003

I can't stop most most of them because they are either system or AV. So to my original question; do I need to get another graphics card? Coz I think 256 meg DDR should be plenty for what I do.

  otubby1 22:49 13 May 2003

I've had to resurect this old ghost, but after doing a lot of uninstalling to get rid of unnecessary rubbish, my computer graphics and sound are almost as bad.

What I've noticed, is that it isn't something running in the background, but if it is idle for any length of time. And then, when I start to play my pinball, things get worse.

This is really baffling me... any ideas?

  otubby1 23:23 13 May 2003

^bump^ just once :)

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