Do i need another BT line?

  Goliht 00:12 07 Mar 2008

Hehe, I've recently only just found out about the REN value the average BT line has supports about 4 units of at least 1 ren value.

I've been having some bandwidth issues with my new BE broadband...they estimate i should be getting about 10meg download and 2meg upload. And line checks to my Master Socket certainly give 8meg download and about 1.8 upload.

But with everything on the line i get 6 meg download and 1.3 upload. I don't fault bt with this and although i am aware that at certain times by bandwidth is changing, these times are fairly easy to remember. ie at 1030pm every night my bandwidth drops to 4.9meg.. it's done this for the last 5 years on which ever isp i've had, eclipse, pipex, sky and now BE..

I have a Fax, 2 telephones and 3 sky+ boxes on my line + the adsl2 BE modem... I assume my purchase of a 2nd BT line is probably a sensible one. I don't 100% expect a massive increase in my bandwidth usuage but i'd like to see some increase. Anyone feel i am wasting my money?

Also, is it possible to get a line installed by anyone else other than BT? I understand BT doens't actually do the installs anymore, but it is done by "openreach" who seem to be the equivelant of transco for telephone lines...

  Fried~Chips 00:35 07 Mar 2008

into Micro Filters and MicroFilter even Sky Boxes plugged into official BT Wall socket first. Any make shift or DIY Telephone ext wires can limit and lower. I have a Ex BT Engineer who works with me as its a common problem.

I would have all Tel wall sockets tested and remove any cheap and nasty extentions there not the same quality of wire like proper BT wire, also too many Adapters into a socket do not help.

  beeuuem 01:59 07 Mar 2008

You are probably wasting your money unless you intend to have the master line box right next to your computer. The limiting factor relating to ADSL speeds, apart from the incoming line quality, is normally the condition of the connections in the internal wiring and the quality of the filters used rather than the number of devices connected. The frequencies used for ADSL are higher than those used for speech devices.

The difference may be seen by looking at your modem stats, particularly the attenuation, when using the master socket and the extension socket which would give an indication if the problem is with the internal wiring.

Some improvement may be seen by disconnecting the ring wire throughtoutthe extension wiring see click here and click here
And there is always the possibility that the new line may be inferior to your present connection. BT only look at speech quality on lines. I believe that BT regard anything over 400kbps as providing an adequate D/L speed.

  PA28 09:31 07 Mar 2008

10 meg download and 1.8 up? I wish I could get anywhere near those kinds of speed...........

  Technotiger 09:59 07 Mar 2008

Hmmph, and here's me thinking I am doing reasonable well with a 2Mb line, giving (if I am lucky) 1.8mb down and .45mb up! But I do not have any problems with this, I download plenty of PDF docs, taking well under a minute for each.

I am only 1.6km from exchange. 'Up to' 8Mb ha ha!

Sorry, I just cannot understand why people complain about 'only' getting 6Mb download etc etc!

Like PA28, I wish!!

  beeuuem 17:50 07 Mar 2008

If you are with Be you may find that you can tweak your modem.
If it is a Speedtouch 716 or 780 download DMT v7.35 - from click here
In DMT go to Special > Misc. options and "unlock experimental area."
This opens the "modem options" tab which allows you to manually adjust the settings to obtain the optimum performance.

  Goliht 20:56 07 Mar 2008

Thanks for the great replies. For Technotiger.. i know mate, i am also of the opinion i only actually need about 300k download and maybe 100k upload for my majority gaming connections. And pretty much anything else.

However the reason i wanted BE is because of the upload more than the download. Playing Xbox360 games like COD3 has shown that you can have better games if you have a higher upload speed. ie you can send more info to more client pcs faster because you have the available bandwidth to do so.

The download speed is also handy when downloading some mega sized files, some demos can be 4-5 gig in size, i do a few beta's and those can be upto 8 gig in size.. and having a decent download means playing sooner rather than later. Ultimately, the fact that i "should" be getting the speeds for what i am paying is a good enough reason for wanting those speeds.

I have asked Openreach to put the box next to the pc for optimum usage and yes absolutely with the filters etc..i plan to lay down some decent internal cable for the main line. To cope with the sky+ x3 and 2 phones and fax machine as well. Using the new line for a dedicated adsl. And yes, i realise it might actually be inferior to my original...

It's going to take time to swap them over, so all in due course. The modem i have is the ST 585 v6 (speedtouch) Haven't really looked into finding out if its anything half decent.

  Technotiger 21:04 07 Mar 2008

OK, anyway thanks for the feedback.

  Goliht 22:43 11 Mar 2008

Just a note to this. Openreach installed the line today, the brought it in right through the wall in the rear of the house, up into the attic and around the watertank and back down into the front room putting the master socket right next to my pc.

Overall, I'm very pleased with thier work, having been up into the attic to inspect it. According to BT i should have only recieved a mastersocket at the rear and then paid a further £160.00 to get it extended inside. So i've saved £160... Now to wait for the line to be registered, which i expect will take 3-4 days. Then to transfer the line, Be Broadband have no issues at all moving the connection. Again...very pleased. Many other isps would simply refuse, at least until end of contract or charged more for moving everything.

So overall great stuff from Openreach and from Be Broadband.

  woodchip 22:51 11 Mar 2008

As far as I know a BT line only goes as far as 8Meg, you have to be on cable to get more than that at the Mo

  Stuartli 23:55 11 Mar 2008

Re REN limits - for at least 20 years, probably more, I used a cordless main use phone, two extensions, an BT answerphone and a dial-up modem all via the Master Socket.

The REN figure was well exceeded yet I never had a problem.

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