Do i need an ADSL filter for broadband ?

  danny0001uk 14:12 02 Jul 2003

Also can anyone recommend a good adsl modem ???



  Magik ®© 14:14 02 Jul 2003

for the BB, no...for the phone,yes...

ADSL modem,how much do you want to spend?

  danny0001uk 14:17 02 Jul 2003

whats the prics for a mid range modem

is there a lot of difference between different adsl modems? will the spoeed de different depending n what modem you get?

Thanks for your help

  BillEmm 19:53 02 Jul 2003

There are basically two types: PCI and USB. The former are better for gamers while the latter have mobility and are more popular.

All modems are designed for the maximum speeds per service, and for the 512K service each will achieve this in ideal conditions. However, some modems are better performers than others in poor conditions and generally its the drivers that have the greater, or lesser, effect.

E.g. Alcatel drivers have good reputation while Globespan don't seem to be their equal for PPPoA (ATM) protocol.

The first thing you must do is decide on an ISP and find out from them what modems they support.

Just a few thoughts.


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