Do I have W10 ready to install on computer?.

  spuds 17:35 20 Dec 2015

Having read an article on the W10 upgrade, it made me rather suspicious if W10 was already on my computer ready for an instal. Having gone into Windows Update on W7, I have 'Upgrade to Windows 10 Home - version 1511 and 10586, which is 2.613.7MB long.

Can I now assume that the above as been downloaded onto my computer, without my knowledge, even though I am getting constant reminder to upgrade to W10?.

  RV510 18:18 20 Dec 2015

Windows 10 has been 'offered' to Windows 7 and 8 users as a 'free' upgrade. This upgrade has been sitting in your computer in the Windows update 'tray', click on 'control panel', and then 'Windows updates' and 'view available updates', click to view the available updates and you will see KB3035583 which is marked 'important', that is the box to its left is ticked, if you leave the box ticked W10 will automatically install on your computer after 29th July next year. If you wish to prevent this happening and/or you don't want W10 un-tick the box and then in 'control panel' then 'installed updates' and scroll down the list until you come to KB3035583 under the title Windows updates, click to highlight it and then click 'uninstall' and it will disappear and not come back every time Windows update runs. You need to un-tick it as I previously said otherwise it will come back. No-one needs to or has to 'reserve' W10, you can within the time frame download it at any time but before anyone does I would advise them to read reports and reviews from those that have as there have been and are many issues with it.

  Forum Editor 18:38 20 Dec 2015

Do you want to run the upgrade? If you do, then go ahead. part of the process will involve the installer looking for and downloading the latest updates and fixes, so you'll end up with the best version.

Don't be put off by scaremongering - you decide whether or not you want to upgrade and if you don't, then do nothing. There's far too much jumping at shadows over this version of Windows - in my opinion it's by far the best version of Windows ever released, and it will continually be improved.

Provided your computer meets the minimum specification you should be fine, and if you encounter any glitches once you've made the change, you know where to come.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 20 Dec 2015

Yes there have been issues but the majority have install it without incident.

The major issue is:- some devices don't immediately work after the upgrade, sometimes a reboot cures it, other times the divers need to be reloaded. An easy cure.

  bumpkin 19:15 20 Dec 2015

Why not back up your existing OS and give it a try. I was very apprehensive initially having read some of the threads relating to problems. Now have it running on 2 PC's both updated from w7. Yes there were a few problems but nothing insurmountable and of course one has to get used to it as with any new OS. I also think it is the best Windows OS yet.

  Govan1x 19:53 20 Dec 2015

That is the latest version of W10 that you are Quoting but at 2.613.7MB is very small. Now if you meant Gb that would be different. It is probably something to do with the icon on the taskbar informing you that W10 is available for download.

If you have windows update set to download and install it would have downloaded W10 on to your computer by now. If you do not want it to install set Windows updates to download but not install.Then you can choose what you want installed.

Once you go to W10 then you have no option you have to install whichever updates they give you whether you want them or not. Not sure if there is a by pass for this yet but there aught to be.

  RV510 20:36 20 Dec 2015

The icon that is put on the bottom taskbar is a notification that is part of the 'available update', that is 'pending', W10 will not automatically install, you need to do that yourself, however, as I said, if you don't install it or uninstall the pending update by the 29th July 2016 it will automatically download and install on your PC, Microsoft have said that W10 will not download and install automatically unless you have 'reserved' it, this is not true.

  RV510 22:31 20 Dec 2015

Windows 10 is not in internet temporary files, it's not a website that you have visited and subscribed to in any way, it is a pending update that unless you particularly do not want to download and install you need to remove it as I explained earlier, disc clean up will not get rid of it. Can I further add to what I said earlier, to prevent the update returning to your PC you need to change the way Windows updates come to you, you need to make sure that automatic updates is turned off and change to 'ask me first', that way you are notified which updates are available to you and then you can accept those that you want to download and install by 'ticking' them and those you don't either leave or, as in the case of the W10 update (KB3035583) un-tick it.

  Forum Editor 23:29 20 Dec 2015

Windows updates are stored in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.

  Forum Editor 07:44 21 Dec 2015

The installation files for Windows 10 are contained in a hidden folder on your hard drive called $WINDOWS.~BT

Open file explorer and right click on your C Drive in the left-hand pane. Select Properties from the menu and click on the disk cleanup button. Allow the scan to complete. Next, click the ‘Clean up System files’ button and allow the scan to run once more. Now look for the ‘Temporary Windows installation files’ option and tick it. Click OK and the cleanup process will run.

It's important to turn off automatic updates via Control panel - if you don't, the folder will be recreated next time the update service runs.

  spuds 10:06 21 Dec 2015

Just a brief thank you, to the comments so far. I have had a quick look for KB3035583, but it doesn't appear to be in the Windows update.

I have quite a bit on today, so I will return later, and read all the posts more fully.

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