Do I have a virus..??

  hawthorn59 05:18 21 Jun 2011

Hi Folks

I normally use Firefox as my browser. A while ago I surfed in Chrome (which i sometimes do). On some site or other the screen started warning me that my pc was indected and listed several viruses etc. It wanted me to download a programme to clean the computer. Obviously it was false, but the screen looked very impressive.

Anyway, Microsoft Security Essentials then popped up teling me it had detected something (cant remember the wording). I clicked OK to clean it, and shortly after it said it had removed it. But the tab was still open and I couldnt close it; it just kept giving me the warning and urging me not to close in the middle of a download !!!

Eventually I closed the page through Task Manager "end task", it had to force it. I then went back to Firefox, and then to Chrome again and all seems to be well. But is it? Have I caught it in time I wonder? A quick scan with MSE showed nothing.



  Taff™ 05:44 21 Jun 2011

Probably not. I`ve come across several similar experiences from friends who have phoned me in a panic. There are websites out there that do this and it looks similar to a real attack on the machine. In reality the webpage is trying to legitimately (Or otherwise) get you to try a piece of AV software or malware remover but the script on the page is so similar to something malevolent that your own security software kicks in to disable it.

  birdface 08:14 21 Jun 2011

Just to be in the safe side give this a try.

To remove false security programs

  1. Turn off computer ,then turn on and start tapping F8
  2. When the Advanced start up options appear Select Safe mode With Networking
  3. Open internet explorer go to ,download Hitman Pro "32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Os"
  4. Run Hitman Pro ,let this scan the computer
  5. Activate Free Licence
  6. Reboot Pc

Infection Removed..!

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