Do I have to pay for bios upgrade from AWARD

  the old man 10:21 15 Jun 2006

Just used a link for product support within Everest and it has taken me to the AWARD website where I can download an upgrade for my Mobo. I was surprised to see that they want to charge me for an email link to download all I would need. Is this usual.

click here

  SANTOS7 10:24 15 Jun 2006

Do you have a problem with your PC that requires a bios flash...

  the old man 10:31 15 Jun 2006

Problem is that I want to upgrade processor and/or memory. Have 512mb of memory at the moment and can only go up another 256mb. With upgrade could go upto 3gb and with Vista wanting 1gb thought upgrade better sooner than later. Processer is currently an AthlonXP 2000+.
I appreciate what you next comment will be i.e. don't mend what is not broken, and have read about pitfalls but I was a bit surprised that AWARD would charge so much when I have been extoling the virtues of buying a new bios chip in another post. It just seemed a surprise to me.

  ed-0 10:38 15 Jun 2006

The usual route to upgrade the bios is to visit the motherboard manufacturers website. They usually have all the updates for free.

What motherboard do you have and what is your current bios version?

  SANTOS7 10:38 15 Jun 2006

click here
have you thought about changing your components, with
the upgrade to VISTA on your mind, and i am sure it will be a resource hugger maybe items like those in the link wil stand the test of time rather that the possibility of turning your PC into a doorstop......

  the old man 10:54 15 Jun 2006

Morning, how are the kids in the school? MOBO is a Jetway polaris KT400 and bios is v6.00PG dated either 04/01/03 or 01/04/03 as I think it could be american format.
Yes I have had a look at these before but was looking at cost, short arms long pockets, and thought bios upgrade would be enough.

  SANTOS7 11:04 15 Jun 2006

short arms long pockets,you got them as well!!.
I would go with ed-Os advice go to mobo website and follow instructions to the letter only advice i can give is while you are doing this turn off all non-essential services any autoupdate progs screensavers and the likes to reduce the probability of software conflicts,good luck..

  SANTOS7 11:08 15 Jun 2006

click here
should find what your looking for here...

  ed-0 11:25 15 Jun 2006

the old man. The kids are fine, thanks and looking forward to there day out. Early July the wife says.

On the link from SANTOS7, you may have the latest upto date bios for that board. ( scroll down to KT400) click here

If I remeber correctley. I think the board can take all Barton 333Mhz cpu's. It can also take a selection of the new socket A semprons. I would have to check for the barton to of the range 400Mhz cpu's.

I'll have a quick look in the manual. Off the top of my head does this board take DDR ram and SD ram?

  the old man 11:30 15 Jun 2006

Thanks for that, I think. LOL.
This is where the confusion lies. All these different serial numbers. I have had another look at the info the little widget from AWARD website has given me about the bios and the OEM Sign-On reads V.V400DB A02.2 04-01-2003.
I now assume my version of the kt400 MOBO is the V400DB. In the list you sent me on the link, which of those above mine, there are seven, the one I need is second one down, not any one of the other top ones. Version and date being A04 (09/03/04) and 'FOR V400DB' in RED letters.
It is no wonder people end up getting confused and frying their mobo. It is like a minefield just trying to find the right *$£[email protected]#ing file. LOL.

  the old man 11:32 15 Jun 2006

Sorry mate was typing reply to SANTOS7 when you replied. Answer to him goes to you thanks.

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