Do I have a faulty monitor?

  Ade_1 20:57 02 Sep 2006

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a solution for my monitor problem...

My monitor is making very high pitched noises. At first I thought it was my ears however when I turn the monitor off the high pitched noise goes and when I turn the monitor on the high pitched noise appears.
I have changed the refresh rate a number of times and this hasnt made a difference.
I have a Dell E773c.

The noises will sometimes appear alot however sometimes it hardly happens.

There may be a simple solution to this so if there is one it woudl be great to hear it.

Thanks in advance


  woodchip 21:01 02 Sep 2006

Is this a Crt Monitor or a Flat Screen. As it sounds like the flyback transformer in a Crt monitor

  Ade_1 21:06 02 Sep 2006

Its a CRT

  Ade_1 21:06 02 Sep 2006

Its a CRT

  woodchip 21:20 02 Sep 2006

Then it is what I said above. You need plugs in your hears. It would have to be loud for me as I have Hearing aid. I would have heard it in the past as I used to dabble with TV's. It could last for some time but can be an irritant for sensitive hears

  Ade_1 21:28 02 Sep 2006

Yes, very irritating.

Is there anyway of fixing it, or will I end up buying a new monitor?



  woodchip 23:34 02 Sep 2006

No only a new monitor as the cost would not justify repairs

  Simsy 06:32 03 Sep 2006

"percussive" maintenance can sometimes work.

That means a GENTLE wallop on the unit.

Basically, what woodchip is refering to is the mechanics of the transformer. They are not mechanical devices, but they do have laminated insulation. Sometimes, over a period of time, thermal stresses can cause the lamination to slightly deform...

The resultant high pitched whistle you hear is caused by a mechanical resonance being set up by the various electromagnetic gubbins that is knocking about.

Realisticlly, given the cost of monitors, repair isn't likely to be cost effective. A gentle tap might prove efficatious!

Good luck.



  Ade_1 10:38 03 Sep 2006

I shall try your remedy Simsy.

Thanks very much both of you.

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