Do I have a faulty fan ?

  lucky1 09:07 20 Sep 2003

I have a Compaq Presario S3190UK PC with AMD Athlon 2800+. During operation I can hear a fan quietly running continually. Every so often another louder fan kicks in for a few seconds and then stops. Is this normal does anyone know ?


  hugh-265156 09:30 20 Sep 2003

power supply graphics card cpu fans and the like nowdays are quite smart whereby they are not nesessarily running all the time,only switching on or speeding up as needed.this could be what you are experiencing.on starting or exiting a game or resourse hungry program you may notice this.

take the side of the case and hold a tube of paper or kitchen towel tube to your ear and locate the sourse of the noise.

  JIM 09:44 20 Sep 2003

more than likely you have more than the processor and power supply fan in your system which will kick in now and again depending on temp of your system/Components.Normally this would show in your comos/bios setup which would be entered at bootup,which may be set to auto.

If you have the NVIDIA® GeForce4 MX?-440
128MB dedicated video memory fitted it may also have a small fan that would run.I would only worry if there were crashes or error messages or other indications that your system may show to indicate a poss problem.

You could take the side panel of your system and let it run for a while to see what may kick in during normal use,but as huggyg71 says starting or exiting a game or running resourse hungry programs,then you may notice this happening,could be the reason.

  Ironman556 10:16 20 Sep 2003

Sounds like there's a temperature controlled fan in there. If the temp hits a certain level it will kick in/speed up and reduce the system temp. Otherwise it will either run slowly or be off so that the PC is quieter.

It may not happen if you take the side off as you'll allow more air throughso will be cooler anyway.

Did the fan come on more frequently and for longer in the hotter weather?

  Djohn 11:38 20 Sep 2003

My Son's Laptop is a Compaq and runs almost silent in all applications. If running for 20 minutes or more though, the fan will increase in speed for a short while, then reduce again after a couple of minutes. Also if he is watching a DVD movie or playing a game, the fan will be running almost constantly. It sounds as though yours is doing the correct thing. Regards. j.

  lucky1 15:58 20 Sep 2003

Thanks everyone for your help with this. I'll leave well enough alone !!!!


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