Do I have a dodgy fan?

  [DELETED] 23:06 15 Sep 2003

Hi all hopefully a quick question.

A week or so ago I noticed a slight 'clicking' noise coming from my PC. I got around to opening the case up, suspecting a fan was hitting somthing. I think I've tracked the fan, an AKASA 80mm, and when I spun it there seemed to be a slight wobble, but not enough to hit the sides.

On further inspection (don't know how I though of this) I found that the fan blades (the whole bit that spins) would pull forwards about 1 cm, but doesn't come off.

I have another fan exactly the same directly below , but from a different dealer and the blades sit firmly on the rest of it and don't move.

Does it sound like somthing's broken off to let it move and is there anythign I can do?

Thanks, Ironman.

  Belatucadrus 23:10 15 Sep 2003

Sounds very much like it, any high speed fan with that much play in the spindle is not healthy. As to what to do, change it ASAP.

  [DELETED] 23:19 15 Sep 2003

Thanks I'll get another ordered before it goes flying around my new PC. The only reason I asked was because it seem to come to a certain point then stop, and I wondered it that's how it was manufactured.

  [DELETED] 08:52 16 Sep 2003

sounds like the bearing has gone. Best to replace asap as per previous threads.

  [DELETED] 00:45 18 Sep 2003

Informed overclockers, they've sent me details about returning it.

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