Do i have a Computer Temperature Problem?

  perrodelmal 19:39 03 Dec 2016

I've been getting help for a problem with my notebook. one of the tests to find the problem was a test called Furmark which raises the temp of the computer.

Since using it yesterday the temperature doesn't seem to be running as it was was according to speedfan. i don't know if i'm being overly paranoid but this pic isn't filling me with confidence

It's been like this for 35mins or so, I've only been using the notebook for little over an hour, only had firefox open and the adaptor isn't plugged in. It might sound stupid but is there anyway the Furmark damaged or aged (probably the wrong word) a component or am i worrying about nothing. The speedfan logs from the last few days (before furmark) seemed to top out at 48C and that was after using the notebook for several hours and probably watching videos. Thanks for any help.

  perrodelmal 20:44 03 Dec 2016

should i not be concerned the speedfans temp logs from before the furmark test have changed so much?

  bumpkin 20:57 03 Dec 2016

Nothing wrong with those temps, I don't think there is anything to worry about with that.

  perrodelmal 12:46 04 Dec 2016

not yet, i'm still getting help it just seems to be taking a long time.

Here's the story so far

A few weeks ago my Notebook randomly switched off while i was watching something on VLC player it just switched off. it didn't shutdown, there was no warning just switched completely off like there was a powercut. The battery was at 62% and wasn't plugged in. I'd been using it for around 2 & a half hours, the notebook didn't feel hot and the fans were not loud. the fans run fine and with little noise most of the time. i've had the notebook 15 months. the only programs open were VLC player and Firefox.

I've checked the battery on HP SupportAssistant and it says its fine.

I looked in the event viewer and it had shutdown twice the month before as well all three with this error (now hasn't switched of since Nov 14th)


source "kernel error"

Event ID 41

Task Category: (63)

I've been getting help on another board but it's been going on for weeks and i'm wondering if he's being excessive with the programs he's getting me to run.

Malware, Adware and other infections have been ruled out. I've tested with the HP diagnostics (cleared) tested with MemTest (cleared), test with the Seagate Seatools test (cleared).

I fully appreciate that he's given his time to help me but with the time difference (he's US, i'm in UK) he only seems to be on early in the morning and this has dragged on for 2 and a half weeks, some clearly my fault as i'm a novice at this.

  Burn-it 14:57 04 Dec 2016

Have a look to see if there is an update to the POWER DRIVER for your motherboard. There have been some updates recently and I had to back out the one for my laptop as it was NOT stable.

  Bris 17:00 04 Dec 2016

This error just means the PC shut down unexpectedly for some reason. As it shut down without warning the OS was not able to log the problem.

I think you are looking in the wrong direction by concentrating on temperature etc.

This link click here gives some suggestions.

If you are running W10 then take a look at this link click here there are 6 pages of it!

  perrodelmal 12:55 06 Dec 2016

Apologies for the late reply been stupidly busy.

@Burn-it i'll check it out

@Bris the guy helping me is just going through various checks, temp just being one of them. i'll have a look through that link thanks.

@rdave13 Battery seems to be find, i ran a HP support battery test which came back fine.

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