Do I have adequate and effective internet security?

  BrightEyes13 08:40 09 Jan 2013


I'm hoping to get some opinions on if I've got adequate internet security on my PC (win 7, 64 bit). Previously I had Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (along with cCleaner and Spybot etc), when the licence ran out, instead of upgrading online it was cheaper to buy a hard copy of 2013. Once arrived I realised I'd brought Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 and not Internet Security 2013, completely my error. So I've decided to stick with just the Kaspersky Anti-Virus with some free programs (only the KAV is real time).

However I'm unsure if what I'm using now is adequate or if I've been spoiled by a security 'suite' and it's too much overkill?

Currently using: Kaspersky Anti Virus 2013. cCleaner. Windows Defender (Real time off). Spybot (No tea timer installed). Malwarebytes. Super Antispyware. Semper Driver Backup


  onthelimit1 08:48 09 Jan 2013

You have more than enough with that package.

  natdoor 09:07 09 Jan 2013

I may be mistaken but I don't recognise a firewall in your list.

  BrightEyes13 09:57 09 Jan 2013

Thanks onthelimit1. natdoor - you're right, of all the things I forgot to list. I have the basic Windows firewall, I've read about a couple of add ons which apparently improve it, and I've heard of Comodo and Zone Alarm, but I don't know how complicated they are and if they're any more effective than windows firewall?

  Forum Editor 13:17 09 Jan 2013

"I have the basic Windows firewall"

As do I.

I work long hours with computers, and have done so for a very long time. All of my machines are connected to the internet. All of them run the free version of AVG anti-virus software, and nothing else. I use Ccleaner to clean up redundant registry entries and other stuff from time to time,and that's it.

I cannot remember when any of my machines last had a computer virus of any kind. They all run smoothly, and are as well protected as I need them to be.

There is an enormous amount of rubbish talked about the need for all kinds of computer security software, and it panics people into thinking that it's necessary to install multiple levels of protection - it isn't.

Run a decent anti-virus application of your choice, use the Windows firewall, and use your commonsense when surfing the internet - don't disclose personal information unless you're reasonably happy that it will be respected in terms of your privacy. Don't open email attachments unless you know and trust the source, especially odd ones that unexpectedly come from people you know. Stay clear of the 'dark side' of the internet (I'm sure you don't need me to spell out what I mean), and only install software from trusted sources.

Do all that and you should be fine.

  BrightEyes13 13:39 09 Jan 2013

Thanks, this is refreshing, I agree and must admit after researching and reading various recommendations and things about computer security, you do get sucked in. Fortunately I never open attachments from unknowns, and I'm all about the 'light side' of the internet. Common sense prevails, thank you

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