Do graphics cards get hot under load

  murgle 18:55 05 Dec 2004


I'm having a problem with my computer which freezes when playing a game called virtual sailer (the only game on my pc).

After playing for 10 or so minutes my computer freezes. I have checked the card and drivers and everything is fine. The card had a lot of dust on it, a lot of which I could not remove.

I read somewhere that graphic cards can get too hot and freeze computers. Is this true and if so do you think the additional cooling fan could solve the problem.

Many thanks.

  Smiler 19:02 05 Dec 2004

Am lot of cards are fitted with a cooling fan because of this problem. What card id it?

  murgle 19:04 05 Dec 2004

The card is a 128MB ATI Radeon 9500 TV/DVI.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:21 05 Dec 2004

High performance graphic cards have more work going on the most (all?) CPUs - so cooling is vital. Some cards have heatsinks on the memory modules as well. That said - unless you have overclocked the card, the supplied cooling setup should be adaquate.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:23 05 Dec 2004

sorry typo - should read "High performance graphic cards have more work going on THAN most (all?) CPUs"

I'll go and lie down for a bit.

  vinnyT 12:01 06 Dec 2004

Try playing the game with the side panel of the pc removed, whilst you've got the panel off, check the fan is still working on the graphics card.

Dust is a good insulator, so the more is coating the inside of your pc the hotter it can get, esp if it is on the cards. You can get air dusters (basically air in a can) which are good for removing stubborn dust/dirt from electrical circuit boards, from most pc shops at about £5

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