Do fans normally fall off?

  Shas 11:39 02 Apr 2007

My computer had been making a sort of grinding noise, and then this morning it started making a noise like a small generator or engine running. Then it clattered and died.

Took the side off and a small fan fell out. Difficult to get to, but I managed to put it back in place, pushed it home gently, and now all seems OK.

Is it normal for them to work loose over time or have I got the start of metal fatique or something?

Thanks :o)

  Fingees 11:52 02 Apr 2007

Never heard of it happening.

I would suggest you get a replacement fan as soon as you can.

Most local computer shops could advise you what is required, and supply same.

  Shas 11:59 02 Apr 2007

OK, thanks. I'll look into it.

  WaTcHiNg 22:52 02 Apr 2007

A small fan sounds like the chip set fan to me.

Metal fatigue takes years to occur and as these small fans are generally attached via plastic clips - the clips may have broken or not been properly attached in the first place. Many new fans need you to push the clips through the board first and then press a (usually black) plastic stick down through the middle to open the clip out to stop it coming loose. Check yours and make sure it there's a piece of plastic down the middle of the clip.

Your local PC fixer should be able to diagnose immediately.

  woodchip 23:03 02 Apr 2007

It's the sticky that as failed, it will fall off again. I think you can get the correct sticky at Maplins for fixing them

  Shas 08:44 03 Apr 2007

There was a small magnetic sort of washer stuck to the edge of the fan, so I put that over the fan shaft, and gently pressed it home. It's behind the power supply and very difficult to get to or even see properly, but it seems quite securely in place now and all noises have stopped. I'll tick as resolved, as I'll know what to look out for if I get the noises again.

Thanks for your replies. :o)

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