Do different cartridge housing make a difference?

  welshgirl1961 13:33 05 Oct 2014

I use compatible cartridges in my Epson SX235W printer. I am having problems with the yellow cartridge. Basically it won't print. I tried a different one, still won't print in yellow. I flushed the print head with a kit. Still no yellow coming through. Code and compatibility all checked OK. Then I noticde that the cartridge is a slightly different shape from the others and when in place it's slightly raised on the one end - NOT the contact end but the other end. Both yellows I have are the same 'pattern' which is a ridged pattern on the end of the cartridge. The other colours have like a thumbnail curve on the end. Could this be the reason? I am thinking the contacts may not be sitting flat. However, the click in feels good. I'm reluctant to go buy Epson cartridges due to price and it's difficult to order anything in case I get the ridged version again. Hoping some expert can squash or confirm my theory.

  spuds 14:33 05 Oct 2014

Did you actually purchase the ink cartridges for your Epson printer, making sure that they were the exact type, because your supplier should be able to offer this advice, if you are not sure.

What you have described or suggested, then it looks like a wrong type was supplied, so go back to your supplier.

Cartridges can have a slight modification, and a typical example is with re-badged Dell printer's that might have been manufactured by Lexmark. With the Dell, the cartridges might have a slight plastic lug, where the Lexmark does not. Dell want you to purchase 'their product' and no other.

Here are some that should fit your printer click here

  alanrwood 18:09 05 Oct 2014

Check the type number on the new cartridge and see if it is a genuine replacement compatible. It should be an E1284.

From what you describe it sounds as though it is not seating properly

  welshgirl1961 17:39 06 Oct 2014

I got the compatible cartridges from an eBay supplier. They are my second lot but I can't say they are the same ones as the first lot. The printer itself has a sticker showing T1294 and T1284. The one that has failed is T1294 (compatible with Epson's Apple cartridge rather than Fox).I think the only difference is the 1284 is the ultra-brite. Both should fit but perhaps they don't!

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