Do "Creative" sound cards include editor?

  Diemmess 14:00 12 Jan 2004

Almost any 16 bit card will suit me, but I do want to be able to do simple editing of the cut and paste variety, and see what I'm doing on a mini scope-like screen

A few years back I had a sort of oscilloscope panel and was able to paste or delete, bits of a sound file, while seeing the amplitude pattern of the wave form I was editing..........
I think it was part of the software with a Soundblaster 16, but it is lost in the past now.

Any one suggest a bundle of new card and software? Or perhaps software alone, but not too heavyweight, I've no professional aspirations.

  Djohn 14:15 12 Jan 2004

Soundblaster has the facilities you want and cost about £20.00. Below is an extract from the help file.


WaveStudio is a Windows-based application that allows you to perform the following sound editing functions easily:

Play, edit, and record 8-bit (tape quality) and 16-bit (CD quality) wave data.

Enhance your wave data or create unique sounds with various special effects and editing operations such as reverse, echo, mute, pan, cut, copy, and paste.

Open and edit several Wave files at the same time.

Import and export raw (.RAW) data files.

Copyright © 1996-2000. Creative Technology Ltd.

  Stuartli 14:26 12 Jan 2004

You can get a SoundBlaster Live! for about £29 with retail box, software etc.

The Creative website will probably help you.

This is the Tech section:

click here

and downloads:

click here

  Djohn 14:33 12 Jan 2004

Yep! thats the card I was referring to Stuartli, the OEM version comes with all the software on CD and is a bit cheaper than retail. It's the same card that I have.

  Diemmess 15:19 12 Jan 2004

Thank you for speedy answers.

If you are speaking from experience and know there is a wave editor included, then that is great. (Even in the OEM one)?

Dabs website shows 2 in the right category.......The SB Live 4.1 OEM @ £13.75 and the 5.1 @ "£26" (I think! but don't have BB or a long memory)

Any further comment please?

  Djohn 15:23 12 Jan 2004

Diemmess, Yep I have the Creative soundblaster live. OEM and the info. in my post at 14:15 is taken from the help file. j.

  Diemmess 15:28 12 Jan 2004

Thanks again for the "personal statement"

  Stuartli 16:12 12 Jan 2004

I didn't actually buy my card, my son gave it to me after a Hercules Fortissimo 7.1 card I bought proved to be faulty and was returned.

He also supplied the final SB drivers and audio suite, but I've not bothered with the latter since switching to XP Pro.

The SB Live! is certainly an excellent card for the price but, in fairness, the actual sound quality on my IBM speakers is only slightly better than from the onboard C-Media 8738 sound chipset I used for four years; that's a tribute to the C-Media multi-channel chipset, especially as you can buy a PCI version for around £5 or £6!

It also delivered remarkable 3D surround sound from two speakers as the helicopter demo supplied with the original Elite mobo proved; MSI is another manufacturer to use C-Media sound chipsets.

There's an even better version apparently now, the 9738 chipset.

The SB's attributes obviously include a far greater range of input and output sockets and other features.

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