Do anti spyware progs protect all user accounts?

  TimCDC 19:22 18 Apr 2006

I've just run the Panda SpyXposer programme on my desktop. It found 52 nasties, two on my user account and 50 on my wife's user account.
While they don't seem particularly nasty (almost all cookies)I've got two questions which I'd be really grateful for answers for:

1) Should I consider buying the Panda protection package - yes I know the free programme was just an advert to pull in business, but I'm surprised these got past Spybot, SpywareBlaster and Ad-aware, so I wonder what else might get past in the future..

2) Do the above programmes just protect my administrator account or do they protect all accounts that log on to the internet. In other words, when I run Spybot will it look at my wife's user account or just my own?


  ACOLYTE 19:28 18 Apr 2006

It should protect the pc not the user,it will still load the resident program if you have it enabled anyway not matter who is using the pc.As for buying panda i havent used the program so i cant really comment on it,but my opinion is that most things that give you an option to buy the app so you can clean infections after a free trail usually make up or add problems to your pc just so you will buy the app.

  pennyben 21:03 18 Apr 2006

I know in Firefox that you can set it to remove cookies on closedown, but Ewido, Adaware etc will pick up tracking cookies anyway.

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