Do Android Devices get Malware or Viruses by

  AceSfRonaldo7 17:39 13 Feb 2018

Do Android devices get Malware or Viruses by just clicking on a website? I heard that the only possible way of getting a virus or malware by the web is downloading something from the web or outside of the Play Store. I am asking this because I went on a website full of pop up ads, scan for virus ads but I didn't click on any of them I just quickly exited. (I am not dumb enough to click on them). Am I just paranoid over nothing or is there something to worry about? Sorry I don't have much knowledge on this kind of stuff. Replies are much appreciated

  KEITH 1955 18:29 13 Feb 2018

surfing on a tablet is the same as surfing on a pc , I use Kaspersky av on pc and android , your av should destroy suspect downloads before you get chance to use it and if you try to look at a site on your tablet regardless of what site it is !!!! your av on your tablet should tell you it is blocking you and the reason why.

example ... go on some games tips sites and just opening it up will throw up an alert such as xyz tried to infect you , this is because the owners of the site don't always know its been hacked.

as well as av software get antimalware bytes off the google play store it throws up pup warnings when you scan with it.

STORAGE TIP... on the latest tablets the option to transfer apps to an sd card has been removed from setting , get app manager 3 from google store , when opened click the 3 bars top left and choose move apps.

  AceSfRonaldo7 18:32 13 Feb 2018

I do not use a tablet I use my phone, I had no answer to my question.... you are just recommending me to download that app

  KEITH 1955 18:38 13 Feb 2018

you did not say tablet you said android , the same rules apply to both android phone or android based phones some phone have av on them , a pal has both av and antimal from the app store.

  AceSfRonaldo7 18:42 13 Feb 2018

no answer to my question..........I thought Malicious Javascript only affects PC users yet you are saying that tablets are the same as PC? I just read this a while ago. So can you get a virus or malware on your phone by just clicking on a website with pop ads or scanning viruses (I didn't click on that stuff though).

  KEITH 1955 18:48 13 Feb 2018

i suggest you re read my reply I said the same rules apply to both devices, I also said you can get infected just by opening something.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 13 Feb 2018

Yes you can be infected just by visiting the site, because the site downloads pictures for you to view and malicious software can easily be hidden in a picture.

You can be infected by just one pixel which is too small for you to even see.

This applies to any device or operating system - hance the need for some form of antivius antimalware protection.

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