dns server unavailable or reachable - help needed

  glamworld 16:04 14 Dec 2005

HI i have a wireless router but my laptop wont connect, it says dns server unavailable or unreachable, im with aol who dont have the right answers, could someone pleas help its been 5 days of trying, my laptop has a built in wirless connection, my router is a thomson speedtouch 576, my laptop picks up the name of the router, but a pop up says little or no connectivity,

  mgmcc 20:46 14 Dec 2005

<<< a pop up says little or no connectivity >>>

That suggests that the wireless adapter hasn't been able to get its IP address from the router and Windows has allocated an address in the 169.254.x.x range, which won't let you get online.

Have you actually "connected" to the router? If you run the adapter's software, the Site Monitor should look for "Available Networks" to connect to. When it finds the one with the SSID (network name) that matches your router's, you "connect" to that network and the little icon should then get a "halo" to show that it has connected.

  glamworld 20:56 14 Dec 2005

hi thanks for replying i called my router glamworld1 and this appears on my laptop, when i clicked on the icon at the bottom left of the screen i clicked connect and it says its connected and signal strength is excellent but when i click to load aol it tries to dial, but i need it go through broadband, ??

  lanemark 16:49 17 Dec 2005

I have exactly the same problem, are we being stupid! and missing something

  glamworld 17:27 17 Dec 2005

yes there is something were missing - a wirless connection!!!!!!! if you sort your problem will you let me know and i will let you know if i sort mine.

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